BMW plans to launch 09 new car leaking

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From BMW Group said its own internal list of the hands of those who have the whole group in the year 2009 will for the first time all the available products, as well as a list of concept cars. According to the list of view, a full year in 2009 will be BMW fans of the festival: First published in January will be redesigned coupe version of the BMW Z4. The car will be in the North American International Auto Show in Detroit appear above. By March Geneva Motor Show, BMW is likely to launch the form of concept cars based on the 5 Series models developed by PAS (Progressive Activity Sedan or called the V series, a combination of the BMW 5 Series and X6 cars). Of course, the Geneva brought us should have the BMW Z4 Individual, long-awaited EX102 or the Rolls-Royce RR4 concept car called the Rolls-Royce, while BMW’s eDrive version (BMW 1 Series and 3 Series electric version) should be will show up.

eDrive equipment should be those who use power-driven vehicles. This version is not the 1 Series or 3 Series that simple. In addition the name of a product i should also show in Geneva to flex its muscles. Next time we will go to China’s Shanghai, the BMW CS concept car is the first time in 2008 coming out of here. Well, here we will see 760i / iL, 7 Series Hybrid xDrive so.

After the Shanghai auto show, there will be a period of time to let the market and consumers blank digestion of these new cars. BMW MINI Crossover to the later in 2009 appeared in front of us, it is estimated that the time of its appearance, PAS production version will also appear in front of us had. The mass production version of X1 and X6 hybrid version will be hatched in 2009. For those enthusiastic supporters of the BMW brand is concerned, X5, X6 and 7 series of high-performance M version X5M, X6M and M7 will appear in this year you will be seeing inside.

In addition, the auto show in Frankfurt, there are likely to display a small sports car eDrive version Vision-Z, which is BMW “future car R & D project” part. The car used is a traditional roadster sports car design, than the Z8′s size smaller, can be used hybrid or electric drives. Z Series BMW Visio represent the future direction of sports cars, but also represents the Mazda MX-5 from a strong competitor to the general outlook of Z2.

In any case, for BMW enthusiasts, the 2009 will be a very busy year.

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