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This summer’s windows and doors profession is doomed to move restlessly restlessly. Just retreated “the corn core gate” event’s high temperature, “the paper core gate” the event then closes. “how does this outcome install? Is the solid wooden compound gate is the paper core gate?”A time owner has flustered the position. Inferior gate which the devil wood workshop produces facing the market,Chongqing lamps
blurred “the paper core gate” the concept, stirred the muddy wooden door profession the market, the numerous businesses unanimously indicated could not injury.

Paper core gate investigation Event: Has used near 3 year compound gates is the paper core gate unexpectedly Recently, the family was occupied by Mr. Liu who the Chang An area makes a vow the garden friendly, in gives oneself the door trades doorbell’s time, discovered that has used the near 3 year reality wooden compound gate is unexpectedly the honeycomb paper packing, but this Xi’an Guo the Du industry garden production “ten thousand” the wooden door, is had by the sign in 2007 the certificate. “what our plot’s several family member building 80% install is this sign gate, at that time was thinking is attaches the certificate,illumination product
therefore everybody felt relieved very much, but this time discovered unexpectedly inside is the honeycomb paper, how the gate can use the paper to fill?

Some neighbors on-line have looked up the material, had not discovered that this sign’s gate, the suspicion is the estate dealer and the small manufacturer joins up the production the inferior gate.”Mr. Liu said indignantly. The investigators the telephone which pastes according to the aperture on dial the factory immediately, actually discovered that the number has been unable to put through.

The wooden door market the present behind-the-scenes plotting paper core gate lets the business be nerve-racking low-spirited The solid wooden compound gate is “the paper core gate” is also the profession “the hidden rule”? According to the culmination reaches the family profession market person in charge to disclose: The solid wooden compound gate is the paper core gate, machine manufacture
this in the wooden door profession is an hidden rule, in 90% compound gates will have the filling material, only will be the consumer cannot accept.

Investigation: “paper core gate” price decision quality The professional said: “the solid wooden compound gate includes the honeycomb paper and other cardboard class filling material, the price is higher, the packing paper will be better, the wooden door withstanding quantity and the sound-insulated effect will be also better, but in the market condition will sell well is the solid wooden compound gate at present, also will be everybody’s so-called paper core gate,

actually will use the honeycomb paper will fill is originally the wooden door must the structural material, before, but because dealer, in sale time, to the consumer had not explained that clear and will present the wooden door the intrinsic structure, as soon as will cause the consumer to meet the paper core to think that has been deceived, will also have the traditional ideas, the consumer general will think the gate toIs the wood only then knock at the door.

At the same time,electrical appliances to satisfy many consumers to love the cheap psychology, in the Xi’an market condition has emerged many devil wood work places, produced the inexpensive inferior wooden door, in which filling material is specially the very bad cardboard, the consumer when the use had the problem to sum up on completely Yu Zhixin, therefore caused the consumer to meet the paper to be startled, thus has also caused the consumer to the brand family profession and the high-end family profession suspicion.

At present national not unified about wooden door standard, therefore wooden door profession good and bad people mixed up.” Kibitzing: Chooses the regular factory The aspect which to endure how facing the wooden door profession sentiment, the culmination reaches the family profession person in charge to indicate: The consumer when purchases the wooden door, certainly cannot seek after the small advantage, must arrive regular lives at sells the field and the brand shop purchase, when fills in the contract, certainly must see clearly the contract, it is necessary the solid wooden compound gate compound degree to indicate the contract.

Meanwhile as the business when sells the wooden door, must with the consumer communicate, and to the consumer explained ahead of time the wooden door the filling material, prevents to wrangle afterward. The industry and commerce personnel said that because at present does not have a standard wooden door standard, fills about the paper core also has the dispute, suggested that the consumer goes to the regular factory purchase, they to the wooden door which will take substandard products as fine products will attack firmly.

Extends reading: Honeycomb paper: Is according to the nature honey-comb structure principle manufacture, it is connects the corrugated original with the rubber caking method innumerable hollow three-dimensional, the hexagon, forms an overall stress – - paper core, and one kind of new sandwich structure environmental protection energy conservation material which becomes in its both sides agglutination surface paper.

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