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In recent years, because the man-power, the physical distribution, sold the field rent the rise as well as under the upstream real estate policy influence, the entire integrated suspended ceiling market faced layer on layer is challenging. How wins in the middle of such stern market environment tests the integrated suspended ceiling enterprise’s key, particularly is the competition is increasingly intense to the cost pressure rise’s entity marketing channel, can win in the limited cake belongs to own appropriation market then to become the winner.

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the author had visited the Hangzhou each everybody shopkeeper field, in visits in the process to discover that has the strong point respectively in them in the sales way, no matter what is by consumer’s angle embarking, looks for the accurate consumer’s heart movement spot. Way one: Wins the consumer with the thorough post-sale service to trust. Looks like in the professional, in integrates in the suspended ceiling profession the category to be complex, simultaneously does not lack each kind to have the strength big brand, must complete this market besides to put the product the key position, post-sale is also the core essential factor. In the sales viewpoint, including the product, delivers goods, installs these three steps.

Must achieve the specialist in these three steps to the consumer to track the record, lets the consumer time feel your service consciousness.mutual recognition
Must maintain a good communication in any time with the consumer, hugs is solving a worry point of view for the consumer to handle the matter truly, such consumer can feel your sincerity, only then truly will trust this brand, has won naturally also around him the human to this brand faith. Many brand’s product qualities do not have the question, but was actually installing this to encounter consumer’s suit, caused to the brand negative influence. Therefore many brands will be specially install worker this to the post-sale service team to make training, how including to communicate, the communication expression, with the customer to make the explicit limit in guest household number some behaviors.

Way two: The entire room repair adopts the numerical code to have custom-made the way, lets the consumer be more intimate selects and purchases. Through provides the entire room repair quantity body with the repair company’s cooperation for the consumer to have custom-made, may help the owner free design repair effect chart, also includes color and so on floor,discriminate words smallpox, furniture except the suspended ceiling choices, the design change to be possible in instantaneous to transform through the numerical code to the consumer at present. Before this, the author also once arrived at the shop front to experience, this way in sells the field sale the outstandingly, obtains many consumer’s faith, is a strong sales sharp sword.

The entire room has custom-made the concept in recent years was increasingly fierce, it unified effectively homeowner’s individual style and the furniture decoration’s scale production. Causes the family decoration, suspended ceiling’s choice no longer is only passive chooses already the style which finalizes, but had more individuality choices and the creation. The consumer also from initial hesitates does not accept the present start approval slowly, slightly to the bathroom, the kitchen,
UPS Power big had custom-made the concept to entire room such one to live at the market already to hold the very big share.

This kind sells sharp weapon’s product by the numerical code as the product, in the product pre-sale, sells the neutral post-sale link omni-directional introduction numerical code design technique, the consumer may carry on DIY in the scene, the experience feeling is full. In visited sells in the field process author also once the form which had custom-made on this kind of numerical code to interview the related some consumers, they thought that this way was very novel moreover also truly is appealing, even if will not buy furniture’s person also meeting to want to attempt looks at “the future” a family’s spatial use.

Way three: Causes the consumer confidence by the material quality, insisted that “loses face” by the product. Divides the market domain with the product material quality and wins especially essential, through distinguishes in sells the field majority integration suspended ceiling product to use the plate to attract to the material quality requests a higher consumer. In the material quality aspect, after the Shanghai World Expo the environmental protection low-carbon becomes the eternal topic, simultaneously the consumer in selects and purchases the product time also even more will pay great attention this, the cabinet product naturally also will be keeps pace with the times, the numerous enterprises selects the environmental protection material as far as possible in the selection.

Besides insists in the product material quality, the personalized element unceasingly is also renewing in the craft as well as the design, this stems from the consumer personalization the demand. Selected and purchased the cabinet product regarding the consumer, the personalization will usually display in suspended ceiling’s design whether was novel, economical spatial as well as the hardware fitting and so on some design characteristic is the main point.

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