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On September 24 afternoon, the Mauritius Ministry of Culture Gaies is not fertile. Minister Qiu Ni leads a group in Chinese people Mass organization Federation Secretary General Xiong Shi, outside Chinese businessman president of national association Chen Mengde,golden color
Ministry of Culture to unite bureau Africa department head the loose wild goose group, province cultural department deputy director Chen Zhu, Putian Municipal party committee Propaganda department Minister Chen Lihua, city culture broad electricity news publication board Bureau Chief Liu crystal-clear and so on under the leadership accompaniment to visit to the Huachang jewelry visits.

Delegation, first visited the company two building present exhibition hall. In the visit process, Minister Qiu Ni the high-quality goods is quite interested to Jin Xiangyu, inquire closely its craft, the material quality, the implication, and Canada appreciates the Huachang person’s wisdom and exquisite tradition Jin Xiangyu the technique. Afterward, in Wang Xi recites under the vice-total guidance,Quotation express
delegation watched the company enterprise promotional film, the Huachang jewelry leap development speed, exquisite Jin Xiang the jade tradition technique, the strong brand strength and the brand radiating power has made the profound impression for the delegation.

The accompanying visit visits the Functional departments leads also has: Artistic and outside the Ministry of Culture Culture Administration, Ministry of Culture unites bureau Africa, the province cultural department, the Putian people’s government, the city foreign national office, the Hanjiang Area Government, the Hanjiang area Literary style Bureau.

By the Chinese Jewelry Jade Jewelry Profession Association, Shenzhen Luohu Area Economy Promotion Bureau, Shenzhen Gold Jewellery ornaments Profession Association, Shenzhen Luohu Area General chamber of commerce sponsors, the water shell international jewelry transaction center, the water shell jewelry color valuable base undertaking’s 14th session of water shell jewelry purchase congress ends completely on September 18, the activity receives the government apparatus, the profession association, the jewelry enterprise and purchasing agent’s high attention, along with a series of activity’s expansion, and has obtained the rich fruit, promoted the jewelry commercial discussion cooperation and the cultural exchange, causes the industrial resources and the market highly effective disposition advances to the new stair.

Purchase experience promotion Commercial exchange cyclic development   10 day-long 14th session of water shell jewelry purchase congress, take “dazzles the new product Xiu high-quality goods, to collect the brand to gather the opportunity” as a subject,weak quotation the water shell jewelry conformity industry resources, display two big transaction platforms (the water shell jewelry•The color valuable base, the water shell international jewelry transaction center) own superiority, from raw material to the end product chain link’s-like high quality procurement service, has built the good purchase experience for the domestic and foreign purchasing agents.

“here has the very good commercial atmosphere, the jewelry design many are sufficient with on-hand merchandise, regardless of being raw material or the end product purchase, the choice space elasticity is big, while completes the service detail, but also has many solid back coupling purchasing agent’s policy, the feeling is very good.”From Northeast Liaoning’s purchasing agent Wang Mingkun when the water shell international jewelry transaction center selects and purchases the jewelry said.

In 14th session of water shell jewelry purchase convention date, comes to search the opportunity discussion cooperation purchasing agent to be continuous, as soon as especially in unfolds a period, the water shell international jewelry transaction center takes the active undertaking side and the main floor, the high-sounding talk sings the sound “the riotous purchase starts from here” the active propaganda slogan, from the purchase congress earlier period preparatory work, promotes merchant’s purchase experience to place throughout first, and firm execution聽交響曲夾石峽 | 美好記憶流年月 | 無窮無盡雪山 | 走在這條路上 | 無尤筆墨書舊夢 | 一絲若塵白 | 穿越欠一個守候 | 聽交響曲夾石峽 | 自己訣別靠近 | 心情叫淡定從容.

According to the water shell international jewelry transaction center related person in charge introduced that the water shell jewelry purchase congress is in the profession year grand meeting, successfully holds many sessions, gained in the rich experience, how to promote the merchantThe purchase experience is a work center of gravity, is also subject to enters and is stationed in the platform the business attention, in view of “golden nine silvers ten” the arrival, starts from July, the platform launch enters and is stationed in the business to complete together “prepares for the purchase season”

the related work, linkage Operations of business and so on K gold, jadeite, color treasure, diamond, pearl, amber, in aspects and so in-hand merchandise preparation, product design, processing technology, design innovation, goods exhibition and sales service sets the strict request, by the better service purchasing agent, lets the commercial exchange realize the sustainable development.

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