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In recent years, expanded, on the Hong street’s superior gram jewelry along with the Nanjing new hundred jewelry region adjustment to open the door receives a guest, as well as is known as East China biggest jewelry commercial city Baoqing silver-goods shop Shang Pincheng the splendid attire starts doing business, the Nanjing jewelry business circle “the road shifted from peace to the new intersection” the topic is suspended by place “the tabletop” to come up. Recently, the author the question which moved on the Nanjing jewelry business circle west had made a special investigation.

Present situation:
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The jewelry business fights in one place after another the new intersection   Formerly, the people mentioned the money jewelry, first thinks is certainly south peace a road gold, silver and jewelry street. In this Nanjing established brand business street, take the Baoqing silver-goods shop as the head, gathered 30 every large or small jewelry stores.

But in the new century beginning, the external brand enters and is stationed in and the emerging brand rises in abundance. If take the central market, Nanjing new hundred as the head “the market special counter faction”, as well as take clever, the millennium as the head emerging “the brand exclusive agency faction” becomes the skid to move “south peace the road jewelry main item” this cornerstone first release lever, that looked like Baoqing silver-goods shop Shang Pincheng this kind to open in the core business street the large-scale jewelry commercial city causes this “the balance” to break thoroughly without doubt.

Expert: Discusses the circle to alternate stems from the cultural difference   South peace the road established brand jewelry core commercial circle and the new intersection emerging jewelry business circle fell into “the ice fire twofold day”, regarding this, Nanjing ink plan organization specialized economic analysis Consultant Mr. Zhang Cheng indicated: The overall business circle’s shift,weak quotation
first stemmed from the new intersection to occupy the more advantageous transportation resources, south this aspect peace the road did not get the advantage. Next, jewelry’s expense main force much concentrates now in 25~40 years old, this kind of crowd’s sphere of action concentrates much in the new intersection. Regarding the Nanjing jewelry commercial present situation, Nanjing general merchandise Business association president the Yan Yongping indicated: Only new intersection business encircles, estimated that this year the annual jewelry sales volume will grow 30% compared to last year.

Business: Regards the new intersection business circle potential   West the jewelry business circle moves, is related with various jewelry business’s choice. Baoqing chain-like marketing vice-total Lin Jian thought: “the Baoqing chain-like company dared in the new intersection business circle to invest over a billion Yuan to construct Baoqing silver-goods shop Shang Pincheng, mainly regards the new intersection to have the development mature comprehensive business environment, has the relatively more superior geographical position and the traffic conditions, has favors Baoqing Shang Pincheng the massive young communities,market time even, the jewelry business converges is also one of superiority, although inevitable will have the huge pressure of competition, so long as but strengthens own core superiority unceasingly, certainly will have the big development power.”

After the new intersection jewelry core business circle forms, the intense market competition situation demonstrated gradually, regarding this, opens clearSaying: “new hundred speaking of Nanjing, at present has the jewelry jade carving brand approximately 28, only the `Baoqing ‘ has 4, besides original old Baoqing, the Southern China Baoqing and the Baoqing silver personal ornament, Baoqing silver-goods shop Shang Pin who it is known that “new Baoqing” will serve under somebody’s banner will also enter and be stationed in Nanjing newly hundred. Certainly, along with competes like this intense and the market is mature gradually, aspect and so on product, price, service athletics are also getting more and more transparent, this regarding the market and the consumer will be a good deed.”

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