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Recently,” the Eighth China gold jewelry design competition” officially launched in Shenzhen. With the previous contest is different, the previous sponsor China Gold Association invites China Central Television network jointly hosted the tournament, in order to let more social design excellence into the contest, giving the contest more fashion elements, creating the “China gold jewelry industry” designer of the cradle,convenient traffic
is the China gold jewelry industry to provide everfount design resources.

It is reported, this contest to ” creative, open future” for the theme, introducing the market mechanism, to product innovation and service innovation as the goal.

The establishment of a domestic well-known jewelry manufacturing enterprises, design institutes based event presidium, to large retail service enterprises, the mass consumer groups, fashion, art and industry experts dominated the competition jury, also added new competition group, and proposes the innovation competition and selection rules; to the market needs and aesthetic as the award-winning works of important evaluation standard, to contest winners commercial success as a competition success or failure of an important reference, fully embodies the people-oriented design concept to product.

Industry sources,Changsha consumers
China’s gold jewelry industry still is in long-term, known as the domestic gold jewelry design competition” Oscar” the Chinese gold jewelry design competition, will everfount mining gold jewelry product design personnel, the upgrading of domestic gold jewelry product design concept and level, better enrich gold jewelry culture connotation, this will be the Chinese jewelry industry health development power.

In addition, according to the organizing committee staff introduction, this competition will be through the network application, network selection, micro-blog heat and other activities carried out to promote technology innovation, competition and more material combination, encouraged to provide works full set of solutions and products to enhance soft services. Contest organizers the China Gold Association, and China Central Television network that, through this and the next few China gold jewelry design contest of unremitting efforts, will boost China gold jewelry industry development.

After more than 3 months to organize, 14, county of jade jewelry Association was formally established. The association aims to realize the city appoint,Changsha consumers state government puts forward” jewelry culture industry 10 billion yuan project and tourism cultural industry 10 billion yuan project” development target, accelerate the development of cultural industry of jewelry.

Reportedly, the future county Party committee, county government in jewelry industry development, will take ” fangshuiyangyu, incubate is brought phoenix ” favourable policy, reduce the access threshold, perfect the jewelry industry investment environment construction, encourage jewelry investors to of venture investment, actively carry out related social services work, involving foreign affairs, industry and Commerce, industry and commerce, taxation, construction, education, labor, public security departments to their function within the well convenient, fast service work, simplify investment business in Longchuan investment procedures, reduce administrative examination and approval, simplify procedures, reduce the investment business start-up costs.

The production run to make my county jewelry industry development planning and implementation of views, introduction of the introduction of jewelry personnel policies and measures. The Department of education has caught the jade class teaching and management, cultivation of talents to promote the jewelry, jewelry industry development efforts.

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