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October is the high season for weddings, wedding choice is very important, every bride in the wedding dream become the most shining star, show the elegant demeanour. So the different height of the bride to the wedding? Want to let myself be the wedding of the most glamorous princess,入冊張數問題

will have a look of this choose and buy skills.

The petite thin bride

Choose a point: want to let her figure is slender, may choose in waist and waist pleated white gauze fabrics wedding, can be elongated body lines; can also choose waistline into V characters design in order to increase the sense of slender waist. In addition, the upper body can choose to tighten the chest A fonts wedding, will make you seem fresh and refined; can also choose gorgeous multiple variations of the upper body design. Skirts can be selected appropriately small tail, lower body to extend the line of sight.

Match taboo: attention should be paid to avoid a long skirt and gown, and try to avoid the lower skirt is too loose style, so as to avoid the head light foot heavy feeling. Rotator cuff design should also avoid exaggerated, such as the large sleeve or large lotus leaf,photo
can choose small French short sleeve.

Recommends: expanding Xiaoniaoyiren lovely feeling, build sweet innocent Princess image: layers of yarn + skirt Petite bride Princess type is a good choice, it will make you look lovely exquisite.

Targeting the chest small compared to the bride

Collocation points: fold type upper body design will make you look taller, it can let you show a charming woman, the other more fluffy material can make your body looks suddenly rounded fullness.

Match taboo: don’t choose a style and with complicated accessories.

Recommends: fold body design, modeling unique hem, personality show temptation. Do not worry about their own simple figure, slightly carefully choose their own wedding, you can also at the wedding, upright self-confidence.

For too plump fat bride

Choose a point: if you are upper body obesity of the bride, I suggest you choose the best body design is simple and can show the advantages of the thoracic cord hem wedding, choose princess skirt; can refer to inverted pear-shaped bride wedding selection method. If you are down the fullness of the bride, A font skirt is a good choice, you need to pay special attention to the collar design, can the line of sight of people locked in a relatively slender upper body; can also refer to pear shaped bride wedding selection method.

Match taboo: skirt too expansive,dress problems decoration too burdensome fat bride choose wedding taboo, besides cake skirt, laminated skirt will make you seem more bulky.

Recommends: upper body obesity should choose upper simple princess skirt; lower body fat suit A shaped skirt.

In view of a slender body symmetry of the bride

Choose a point: a slender body symmetry of the MM is that many women dream standards body, in the bridal choice is relatively free, any styles of bridal wear on your body very convenient, choose a stunning dress, do not waste your good figure.

Recommends: narrow tilting as the best option, particularly in the bag body, hem assumes the fishtail gown show the most graceful, beautiful body curve, with cap and cover the denomination of about half the length of yarn, and beautiful bride immediately presents the implicit. Wedding ornaments. With delicate concise advisable, do not exaggerate, destroying the whole thin felt.

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