The computer display

Display fault

Display fast fault judging method

The computer display fault into the soft and hard faults, when our monitor cannot show normally, we should first simple analysis, fault where the software is provided, or the internal display circuit is broken, and then determine whether to repair, so that less run injustice road. According to display fault classification fault phenomenon are as follows:

The black screen

When you open the computer, a few minutes after the image does not appear. Then you should first have a look on display panel power indicator light is bright. If not bright check monitor power plug is connected. If the power line plug is good ( to ensure that the power socket has electricity, can change a jack try ), and the power switch is open, but the display indicator light is not bright, the display having an internal circuit fault, you should send a special repair department repair.

If the display power source guiding lights is bright, then you should restart the computer, and pay attention to the host indicator light is flashing, host, whether there is a “beep ” sound. If the computer has normal start. When should check the display and the host signal line connection is normal, and the host is 15 D needle shaped plug is loose, plug inside the needle is broken, crooked, short and so. If the connection is normal ( if the conditions for a display to try, or for a host to try, who is the fault immediately read out, because there is failure of the card ), illustrated display internal fault, should be repaired.

The current display is energy-saving, according to the host sends line field synchronizing signal automatic work in the corresponding state and pattern, the indicator lights on the panel at the same time indicating the corresponding state. Usually flashing orange – shutdown or sleep, orange – yellow – wait, hang, green – the normal display.

When you display a black screen,dvb t tuners
after your careful examination is not the host of problems, it is best not to continuous or long time to display power, so as to avoid the expansion of the fault.

Flower screen

Is usually the result of the display is not supported by the host sends the display mode, is often higher than the display mode display screen image, caused confusion, unable to see the screen image and text. If it is a pattern recognition display, there may be a black state, but below the panel indicator light is green. At this point you can restart the computer in safe mode, the display mode is changed to the 640 * 480, again starting computer can restore. If this method doesn’t work, you can be in safe mode to remove the video card driver, and then in the normal mode to install video card driver. Also in the memory card when the fault occurs in fixed position on the display screen will appear confused, while others showed normal.

There are also individual card damage to spend a screen, but the probability is very small.

Lacks the color   What compared with is obvious lacks red or the yellow, or blue color, also has the possibility is the color is chaotic, but the picture detail is clear. By now the monitor looked at the time slightly to be long a spot, the eye is very uncomfortable,dvb t receivers
has the pricking. By now you might after the close-down, inspects your monitor and main engine’s coupler plug, looked that inside needle whether has breaking (is all lacks, but has, but has only revealed half), pine, crooked (deflection in one side or and other needles continually in together).

(what please note monitor and main engine usual use is 15 needle D shape plug, generally only uses 11, will be emptying 9 and 5,11th needle generally, we do not need to feel strange, will not want artificial to lack with pin needle to make up neat). Whether the inspection obviously card does become less crowded again. If these do not have the question, the monitor then might send to repair.

When the screen entire presents (R) red, when green (G), blue (B), at this time certainly was the monitor internal circuit is bad. Bai Ping   Presents the white screen phenomenon expression back worn out fur woman with no pubic hair to be able the normal work, whether first judges the motherboard normal work, may according to the power switch examine whether there is the indicating lamp did respond,cable supplier if the indicating lamp may transform the color, indicated that the motherboard work is normal

1. whether the inspection motherboard signal output screen’s ties do have the bad contact (to be possible to replace ties or screen)

2. inspects motherboard each operating point the voltage to be whether normal, specially screen power line voltage

3. uses the oscilloscope to inspect the good field signal and the clock signal (from inputs to output)

4. exchanges writes the procedure the general board testing. If the indicating lamp does not have the response or is not bright, indicated that the motherboard work is not normal: 1. inspects motherboard various operating points the voltage, must pay attention to EPROM the voltage (about 4.8V), resetting voltage (high level or low level, according to type different), CPU voltage.

If presents the power source to short-circuit, must search the short circuit position carefully, will have the PCB board copper foil to present the short circuit the possibility .2. to search CPU various feet and motherboard’s contact to be whether good! 3. inspection motherboard chip and CPU whether to work, available oscilloscope survey crystal oscillator whether starting of oscillation: 4. when necessity replaces CPU or carries on to CPU burns the record.

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