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Shao Yifu (on October 4th, 1907 -), old name Shao Ren, Hong Kong visual broadcast Limited company president, renowned movie maker, philanthropist. in 1957, he organized Brother Shao in Hong Kong (Hong Kong) the Limited company, supported oneself the development motion picture industry. in 1965 and the advantage filial piety and the joint venture investment organized TVB, Shao Yifu in the China not any business service, but donated the large amount charitable fund for a long time to the China.

For many years he for the China and Hong Kong’s education, the medical service has donated surpasses the number by 1,000,000,000 HK dollars funds. in 2003 he established Shao Yifu to reward, every year selected in the world in mathematics, the life sciences and the medicine and the astronomy three aspects has the achievement scientist outstandingly, awarded 1,000,000 US dollars bonuses respectively, these domains were the Nobel prize have not contained include.

Character brief introduction

Born as Shao Ren Run Run Shaw [ 1907.10.14 ] log. Male, Zhejiang Ningbo person, born in Zhenhai, after moving to Hongkong. The Han nationality, Hongkong Television Broadcasts Limited company chairman, Shaw Brothers film company is one of the founders of Hongkong, the famous film maker. In May 12, 2008 8 Wenchuan great earthquake of Sichuan after natural disasters to loosen one’s purse strings generously donated HK $one hundred million, a single individual contributions to the most people.

Run Run Shaw is the father of Shanghai Jin Taichang paint company boss. He was the sixth of the sisters and brothers, later called the ” Shaw Brothers left Shao Cunren Shao Renmei Run Run Shaw six tert”. Shao was educated in the United States, 19 high school graduation was with brother Shao Renmei to Singapore to develop film market, from then on the film to generate interest.dvb t tuners
He and his brother at 1920 time active in the Chinese movie industry. In 1925, Shaw Brothers in Shanghai to set up a ” Tianyi film company”, was a collaboration of Xue Juexian and Chinese opera, film full Chinese first sound film” white dragon” ( Cantonese ).

In 1928, Run Run Shaw went to star horse to assist his brother development of film distribution company.

In 1957, Shao Renmei established” Shaw Brothers ( Hongkong) Limited company”, in Hongkong, the making of the film, Run Run Shaw president. In 1961, is located in Kowloon Clear Water Bay Shaw Studios in December 6th officially opened. In 1970, Shaw Brothers go was the rapid development of the television industry, and radio TV cooperation, training of artists. In 1980, Run Run Shaw became a radio TV ‘s biggest shareholder, chairman of the board of directors has become.

During the same period, Shaw movies continued to shrink, reducing film, in 1985 sold all of cinema, to 1987 May, Shaw announced to stop producing the film. By Shaw put into production to suspend production period calculation, Shaw has produced more than one thousand films. 2000, Malaysia ” day to reflect the entertainment” spent HK $400000000 to buy 760 Shaw movies of perpetual copyright, and spend $200000000 for a digital restoration.

Run Run Shaw donor over hundreds of one billion money, for the mainland, Hongkong construction education, medical facilities.dvb t receivers
Hongkong tertiary colleges was Run Run Shaw donor, such as Chinese University Hong Kong, Shaw College, University of Hong Kong, City University Hong Kong, Run Run Shaw f. Run Run Shaw library. In 2005, Run Run Shaw donated $10000000 to the South Asian tsunami disaster area.

In 1974 by the queen awarded CBE Honours in recognition of his achievements in the entertainment business, governor Sir Mai Lihao hosted the awards. In 1977 by the queen canonized as the KNIGHT BACHELOR, grant jazz titles. On 1990, Chinese government will China discovered the 2899 planet is named “Run Run Shaw star”. In 1991, the United States of San Francisco city September 8th of each year as” Run Run Shaw day”, in recognition of the social welfare contribution.cable supplier In 1998, the SAR government issued GBM honours.

In 2002 Run Run Shaw founded the “Run Run Shaw Award”, the first held in 2004. Nobel Prize awards to imitate, each elected world in mathematics, medicine and astronomy in 3 aspects of a successful scientist, awarding $one million bonus for praise. The first mathematical prize winner is Chen Shengshen; astronomy prize for P . James E . Peebles; life science and medicine prize for Stanley N Cohen, Herbert W . Boyer, Jian Yuewei and Richard Doll.

Shaw and China Star Film Company to invest 1100000000 HK dollar, located in Tseung Kwan O Industrial Village” Hongkong film city,” in the middle of 2005 opening. Studio facilities including post-production center, administration building, studio, theater and Exhibition hall. Shaw said studios after completion, will and actors contract, investment of about HK $200000000. About 15 new drama.

Run Run Shaw’s first wife was Miss Huang Meizhen, married in 1937, two women and two kids. In 1987 in the United States and Huang died of illness, at the age of 85. In 1997, Run Run Shaw and Fang Yihua in the United States of America Las Vegas wedding.

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