Prospects for prediction of new energy automobiles

Buy a Prius, the cost would likely be with the Mazda car almost 6? Yes, recently, the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Science and Technology issued a “energy-saving and new energy car model to promote financial assistance fund management Interim Measures”, under which “measures”, the central government to pilot cities related to the field of public service units of the model to promote purchase and use of energy-saving with the new car to give a one-time fixed energy subsidies. One saving rate in more than 40% of the hybrid vehicle, the subsidy standards of 5 yuan / vehicle; pure electric vehicles subsidy standard for 6 yuan / vehicle; fuel cell vehicles of the subsidy standards as high as 250,000 / vehicles. If you buy a Prius or three years down the cost of the car may be almost Mazda 6.

GF Securities, in its analysis of the report pointed out that from the world of new energy vehicle development process, the country can not afford to support the policy without a key role. For example, the United States under the Ministry of Finance in 2003 from the IRS started to give purchase to owners of new energy sources (not including the transfer of the second time) a certain degree of tax refund amount, the more fuel-efficient models, the greater the amount of tax rebate, which is pulling Prius hybrid, etc. powered car sales have played a tremendous role.

August 31, 2008, Ministry of Science and Technology Wan Gang, Minister of the “2012 vehicle production in the year have 10 percent, that is, at least one million new energy sources are energy-saving car.” If vehicle production in 2012 reached 12,000,000, according to the proportion of 10%, energy-saving and new energy vehicle production to 1.2 million, LPG and CNG produce 200,000, 200,000 diesel cars, the new energy automotive output to achieve more than 800,000. The current level of less than 1000, the market had huge growth potential.

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