evil color mixing

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Evaluation of jade” to”,” water”,” green is good ” and other terms. “” refers to the other emerald color of, Yu Shaocui for the top grade;” good water” refers to the delicate texture of jade lubrication, transparent clear, glittering and dignified, Bi-liang gratifying, also known as the emerald ring for ” smart”, and said that “the water”;” green well” and” when concentrated, Yang。

and” four words,”Pearl Jewelry
concentrated” refers to the strong and light, like the holly,” Yang” refers to the bright,” it” refers to the untainted, evil color mixing,” and” refers to the green uniform without depth of the points, otherwise known as “light, shade, evil, flower”.

Jade to children


Completely transparent, shiny glass. Jade and gem different transparency. Good glass bracelet looks as clear as crystal, no impurities.


Ice after the glass for transparent as ice, is lit in a layer of mist, like water, freeze freezing.


Transparent as water, vitreous luster. Glass and similar, there is a small amount of impurities.

Green ground

Texture like green eggs, vitreous luster. Translucent, but relatively pure, free of impurities.

The nose to

Texture as snot, vitreous luster. Translucent, but relatively pure, little impurity.

Green water

Transparent, but extensive green with green water species, due to color interference, as water varieties.

Ash water

Texture translucent, but universal grey. Because of gray, green water and poor quality than.

Purple water

Texture translucent, but the color purple. Different from violet is stressed transparent, is actually a translucent violet.

Muddy ground

Texture translucent, like muddy water. Poor transparency of water.

White ground

Translucent, delicate white. If good gloss, but also good jade raw materials.

The white sand

Translucent, sand, white. Not delicate white ground.

Sand floor

Translucent, with sand, gray. Not delicate gray white sand.

Green ground

Translucent, green beans or.jewelry manufacturers
Is actually a pea green to translucent varieties.

On land

Translucent, with uneven alfalfa. As uneven color violet.

Blue ground

Translucent to opaque, with green flower. Uneven quality, suitable only for jade.

White ground

Translucent to opaque, high roughness also flower


Translucent to opaque, white.

Dry white ground

Opaque, white.

Brown white ground

Opaque, rough, white.

Coarse ash

Opaque, rough, grey.


Brown, dark brown.


Jade products processing is divided into light products and carved products two major categories.

Light products higher requirements for raw materials, no cracks, because a crack is easy to see. There was a crack in the jade, mostly used to do the flower parts, through carving techniques can cover crack.

Therefore,attraction landscape product in the evaluation of light products and flower pieces, in the same quality, light products to your flower pieces carving, of course there are particularly exquisite carved jade exception.

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