Thunb immortal

The Magic Porridge can make black hair!

1, 30 – 60 grams of Polygonum multiflorum Thunb immortal porridge, jujube 5, brown sugar, 10 grams, 60 grams of rice.

The first root into the casserole, fry takes juice, to slag into clean washing rice and red dates, adding amount of porridge, porridge cooked,頭髮護理
add brown sugar is.

The porridge is nourishing liver kidney, hair black, Gujing Gong, applied to early white beard and hair and brown hair. One daily dose, two edible food, even 7-10 days for a course of treatment, the interval of 5 days before the next course. Stool pond discharge are advised not to eat.

In 2, black sesame sesame porridge 30 grams, 60 grams of rice.

The first black sesame clean,BB
dried roasted ground, use and rice boiled porridge can be against.

This soup is nourishing liver and kidney, moistening of the five internal organs function, applied to the physical weakness, premature white hair person. One daily dose, two edible.

In 3, Sang Ren porridge mulberry 20 ~ 30 grams ( 30 to 60 grams of fresh goods ), glutinous rice 100 grams of sugar, a little.

The mulberry dipped,梳理頭髮
wash, and glutinous rice with into the casserole in the porridge, porridge cooked with sugar, mix thoroughly.

This porridge can make liver nourishing the kidney, nourishing blood Mingmu, suitable for liver and kidney deficiency caused by early white hair, eyes faint paste.

Determines hair color factor is the hair in abundance of pigment granules, and hair papilla pigment cell growth associated. Hair from black to white, are generally pigment of hair cell function recession, when the recession to completely fail to produce pigment particles, hair is completely white. Normal people from the age of 35, hair pigment cells began to decline. However, if not properly protected, black hair has become white may advance.

The ancients said,” hair is more than blood”, meaning that hair growth and shedding, moist and dry, mainly depends on the kidney essence charging decay, and liver blood foster.

Do not eat or eat less rice and other staple foods, will hurt the stomach, but also hurt the liver and kidney. People in between liver blood filling,強生嬰兒洗頭水 so the hair grow fast and gloss, and to the old and frail, weak blood, white hair and litter, which is the direct cause of spleen and stomach with nutritional deficiencies caused by.

Li Changping says, cereal grains rich in starch, carbohydrate, protein, vitamins and trace elements ( such as copper ), as well as the meat is rich in meat protein, these are to maintain a pitch-black oily hair required nutrients. In people food and meat intake, often can cause hair gray to white.

So, how to prevent white hair? Li Changping says, the elderly can often eat purple, black bean, red bean, green bean, red, black sesame, walnut and other staples, also want to eat chicken, beef and mutton, pork liver, soft-shelled turtle, dark meat fish, sea cucumber and other meat. In addition, in older people often eat carrots, spinach, cabbage, purple purple radish, mushrooms, black fungus. In short, usually dark foods contain pigment, the color of the hair care benefit.

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