the case is complex

Newspaper yesterday to Shunde , Shunde District People’s Court held a public hearing ,

parties Kwak other 26 defendants were suspected of having committed the crime of obstruction of official business , arson, destruction of production and operation of the crime is Shunde District People ‘s Procuratorate for prosecution .

trial, the prosecution authorities in court assaulting a live broadcast of audio and video recording .

reporter learned that , due to the large number of case involved , the case is complex , the Court did not in court for sentencing , will be full court hearing after the collegiate , according to selective sentencing.

assaulting a police car overturned bundles of live

police in the arrest operation, and resisting arrest against the persons involved Lumou shouting . Cyanosis are some villagers heard the news came to the village , the siege of official duties and duty of the police van , then duty bound police van overturned and three position in the van chassis .

defendant Huang , Hemou other carrying clubs , shovels and other tools , blackmail , said police crushed the van to flip on duty , according to impede the implementation of police rescue , shooting scene evidence and other duties.

wiping cloth dipped in petrol

police confrontation , the defendant pulled Hwang van rollover gasoline pipeline , the gas out of the car . Lumou with a cloth dipped in gasoline wipe out the police tied him to the defendant Liang then threw lit bottles of gasoline tied to three police , causing the ground fuel combustion , fire and tied to the rollover of van three police officers at the spread.

Subsequently, the firefighters and police officers to act quickly put the fire out , rescue trapped personnel.

later forensic identification, three are already tied to the police suffered minor injuries ; the presence of official duties of the other three police officers constitute Sometimes no damage .


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