passport. Buy tickets for children traveling without children

How to buy tickets, tickets, Meal, refund? Detailed Internet train ticket national rail

all End of this year, the national railway tickets for all trains will implement the Internet.

ordinary train ticket to achieve the Internet, the vast majority of travelers still a novelty in terms of how online reservations, tickets, refund, Meal, and online booking will be No scalping to ticket brokers left loopholes doubt, the railway department officials of the interpretation.

tickets: to provide valid identification information, valid ID card information. Valid identity documents, including: identity, Mainland Travel Permit for Hong Kong and Macao residents, Mainland Travel Permit for Taiwan Residents, passport. Buy tickets for children traveling without children, for valid ID, adults should use effective peer identification information.

website at ticket pre-sale tickets should be in the period, and not later than 2 hours before driving, and the payment of the prescribed period of time to complete online payment.

passenger trips on the Internet find the tickets, if the display payment, or seats will be automatically released to other passengers.

passenger trips and personal information is correct, you can submit the order, and then enter the online payment page to pay the fare. Successful, the system will provide mobile phone tickets, e-mail to the paid information to the SMS, e-mail notification ticket buyer. If generations tickets, tickets shall promptly notify the occupant, and keep the relevant information.

to note that a valid ID card the same date the same trips by car can only buy a ticket, unless it is purchasing tickets for children of adult identity.

tickets: check the identity information to exchange tickets

Currently, only the Beijing-Tianjin intercity high-speed railway and Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail along the stand out of the station can be identified by second-generation ID card, no need for paper tickets, so successful in the online ticketing, the vast majority of travelers went to the station should be in the car in exchange for paper tickets. In addition, if part of the scope of concessions, such as children’s tickets, student tickets, disabled soldiers (police) discount ticket, it should hold an appropriate certificate in the car before taking paper tickets.

tickets, the tickets for the former, if the valid ID card is lost, the car himself or an agent holding valid identity documents to the original railway station car security system to permit the mouth, set out for the original purchase effective use of the occupant of the temporary identification information identification.

particular attention is the changing of votes submitted valid identification information, order number, etc. to be verified the same, only to change votes; inconsistent, not-for-votes. Student, disabled soldiers (police) discount ticket price concessions while checking (to be) certificate. For students to vote, they should subtract the number of concessionary travel.

paper ticket coupon purchase set out to use when traveling with an effective ID card number and name, and marked

altered tickets, refund: 2 hours before driving for

passengers booking online success, take a paper ticket before, if you want a refund, Meal, still at Web site operation, but not later than 2 hours before driving, or directly to the station ticket window for altered tickets, refund. If you have access to the paper tickets, the station can only handle the altered tickets, a refund.

altered tickets new ticket fare is higher than the original ticket, the fare difference when you need to make up revenue, should be used when using the purchase card or bank online banking functionality with other bank cards to pay the full ticket new ticket section, the provisions of the original ticketed by the issuing bank to return the original credit card.

refund or altered tickets new ticket fare is lower than the original ticket, the refund shall be provided by the issuing bank to use when returning tickets bank card.

In addition, the refund site, the need to refund fee reimbursement vouchers, and tickets should be used with a valid ID in the original refund within 10 days from the date (including day) to obtained from the station refund window.

whether for online booking ticket brokers will leave questions vulnerabilities scalping, the railway department officials said that as the online ticket booking to verify the identity information, the next step, the railway will improve ticket real-name system management system, strengthening real-name ticket system, ticket, tickets as soon as possible to expand the scope of the implementation of real-name system, strict internal railway ticketing management, to crack down on illegal reselling tickets.


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