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– have life Ying, China Dairy Association Dairy Industry Committee and deputy director, has developed four criteria to participate in discussions related to the dairy will

repeatedly discussed the formation of the manuscript, some of the key criteria, and finally why was overthrown? will

> Who is leading China’s food safety standards developed?

2010 adopted in September of Ministry of Health set up national food safety standards review committee to review the draft national food safety standards.

review committee members from this list, the current leadership positions as Deputy Secretary-General more than 14 persons, 9 from the Ministry of Health of China and its subordinate Center for Disease Control, 3 from Ministry of Agriculture and the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, as well as one from the Chinese Academy of Inspection and Quarantine, one from the National Standardization Management Committee.

an introduction to food safety standards through which part?

newspaper reporters involved in the development of national safety standards dairy experts, ask them about the related subject of the introduction process of dairy country.

standard drafting

ultimately not published

In December 2008, led by the Ministry of Health, in conjunction with the Ministry of Agriculture, National Standards Commission, the Ministry of Industry, Business Administration, General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection, Food and Drug Administration and other departments, and the Chinese Center for Disease Control, Light Industry Association, China Dairy Industry Association, the China Dairy Industry Association and other units, set up a coordination group, dairy safety standards for the integration of sound.

coordination group recommended the department nearly 70 experts an expert team, head of the China Center for Disease Control deputy director of food and nutrition days as king of bamboo.

Wang Zhu days in April 2010, organization and coordination, and daily work. According to reports, during this period, nearly 600 people participated in various working groups, drafting groups and expert research and discussion.

2010 In February, the first session of the Committee for the Review of food safety standards sub-committee meeting held to review the draft national standards for dairy safety. Considered by the meeting of directors, by the 66 dairy safety standards. The new dairy safety standards on March 26 approved by the Ministry of Health announced.

have life Ying, China Dairy Association Dairy Industry Committee and deputy director, has four times the above criteria to participate in seminars. According to his memories: participate in the discussion of three executive vice president of the Western Dairy Association, Southwest University for Nationalities, Professor Wei Ronglu some opinions: published the raw milk, sterilized milk and other dairy standards and government announcements, there is no specific description. 2005 Ministry of Health and the National Standards Commission released pasteurized, sterilized milk hygiene standards, the preamble part of the public of the standard drafting unit in Nanjing, Tianjin, Nanning nine local health and epidemic prevention station, the main drafter of the Tang Shi trees 9 .


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