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WASHINGTON major public projects, participate in disaster relief fund-raising in the future are expected to embrace third-party certified public accountants of the special audit, to the public.

Yesterday, the Ministry of Civil Affairs announced on its official website with the Ministry of Finance jointly developed Notify the proposed implementation date for the January 1 next year.

accordance with the have the authority to employ qualified accounting firms for this unit of financial accounting audit reports and related information, and shall disclose the financial accounting and audit reports, accept social supervision. In addition to the provisions of

before the annual audit, (legal representative) and outgoing (Council) general audit, the year fund-raising total income or total expenditure of 1 / 10 of the major public projects, in dealing with natural disasters and other emergencies need to carry out fund-raising activities after the end of the registration authority should be submitted to the CPA by the special audit report, and to the public.

the same time, in order to avoid an audit frequency of strengthening foundations and public organizations that bear the financial burden, provision of public audit services; the same time open and transparent financial management, public operation of the project specifications excellent foundations, civil affairs departments at the registration authorities can reward form, in full or in part, bear the audit costs.


donations collected whereabouts repeatedly questioned

Wenchuan earthquake, foundations and public organizations, financial disclosure, transparency, the focus of public attention. However, China only scattered rules, regulations, requirements for foundations or public audit organization’s financial situation.

example, in 2008 promulgated the

However, the audit scope, content is open, audit requirements, and audit sources of funding, are not complete, uniform regulations. In recent years, many large foundations because of donations of money and financial condition opaque, highly questionable.


1 charity special audit institutionalized

) 1 / 10 or more, or lasts longer than 2 years of major public projects; for their participation in dealing with natural disasters and other emergencies need to carry out fund-raising activities, are required in the project (activity) after receiving the special audit of registered public accounting firm and to the public upon request.

Interpretation: charitable contributions in the public information director Song Information Center were co-introduced a special audit of the public the concept of charitable organizations, from the 2008 earthquake, they will propose, but has been the civil sector as the requirements of registration authority . Wenchuan earthquake fund-raising situation, many times for special audit. But as it relates to departments, agencies and organizations are too complex, the overall situation has not yet been released. The notice may be regarded as a national project to be of major public interest to do special audit for the first time institutionalized requirements.


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