inventory beverage market . The province at all levels of industry and commerce

Changchun Maid milk poisoning case recognized as placing dangerous substances

Changchun Maid milk poisoning incident, the provincial government , Changchun municipal government attaches great importance to the people ‘s lives and safety of a highly responsible attitude and immediately launched the emergency plan , to treat the patient , in-depth investigation cause of the incident , a comprehensive investigation , inventory beverage market . The province at all levels of industry and commerce, quality supervision , pharmaceutical , health and other departments to act quickly , the beverage with a large batch of carpet products, investigation , inspection . Up to now, into the province of the beverage market with the batch have all the shelves , sealed . Quality supervision , health and other relevant departments of the shelf storage products for testing , not detected pesticide ingredient . Meanwhile, Coca-Cola produced in Changchun other drinks market sampling , pesticide residues were not detected .

Reporters learned from the police department , through technical inspection and reconnaissance survey , the initial recognition , Public security departments at all levels attach great importance to the case . Ministry of Public Security sent seven experts to guide the detective work of our province , the provincial Public Security Bureau and head of the principal leaders of leaders personally took command of the Provincial Public Security Bureau and the Changchun City Public Security Bureau set up a joint task force , dispatched elite police force , to carry out diligent work. The case is further investigation.

According to the news from the health sector , 28 November, the current state of stable patients with poisoning is getting better, stable condition . Changchun City, and by monitoring medical institutions across the province , there was no such poisoning cases occur .

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