On the The responsibility of the person who is the political responsibility or legal liability

Address the > Last September, a sensation caused by self-immolation due to demolitions, Jiangxi One year, sources said, because This message was recently confirmed the Organization Department of Fuzhou City, Jiangxi.

according to the local response, regardless of times back and the appointment is based on the needs of both the performance of the work and expertise, and in strict accordance with relevant regulations, to perform the relevant procedures.

these years, the administrative accountability system progresses, some officials to be accountable for negligence. In an open, transparent and fair under the premise of accountability of officials to be back on the old right of new jobs is an improvement.

But clearly, this process must be open and transparent, stand the test. It was noted that from the .

not blame the media are all reasonable and legitimate, but in turn, to enhance the persuasiveness of cadres back, digestion of the negative influence of public events, we must dispel all doubts from the public and win a favorable public opinion environment . This is the central requirement of administrative affairs to do today, On the The responsibility of the person who is the political responsibility or legal liability? Officials accountable for mistakes made during the period without a deep understanding … These are also to be a clear statement to the public, and thus gain more understanding and support.

Left the transparency, the lack of visibility in the organization, will provoke doubt, in terms of cadres, inevitably unclear. Unfortunately, many cadres of the back, often discovered by accident, the result is caused by the natural habit of doubt, the opposite of conjecture. We appointed the ordinary cadres have strict procedures for public notice, public events to be held accountable for those cadres, because of its high degree of social concern, should be back to meet the public’s right to know and supervise.

Central Committee has repeatedly stressed that the fundamental purpose of administrative accountability to strengthen the administrative supervision, improve the government executive power and credibility. Increasingly the norm in the administrative accountability of today, the quality of cadres back is directly related to the effectiveness and accountability of the executive mind. Address the Fan Zhengwei


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