walking north to south along the crosswalk Zhang Yunlian

LONDON Dec. 7 (Reuters): Xian 3 consecutive days from the muck car accident occurred causing deaths. Yesterday, the government informed of the accident 3 car accident from handling of muck, three drivers have been under criminal detention.

Yesterday, the government press conference on the safety briefing, Vice Mayor of money cited three incidents from the muck car accident and Treatment.

12 2 December, afternoon 18:14 Xu, Cao (male, 26 years old, Xi’an) driving heavy-duty dump truck No. Shaanxi AD9580 Ring Road from north to south along the road blocks to turn right to West Point when riding a bike in front of Xu (set after his daughter, 10 years old) knocked down, causing injury Xu, daughter died on the spot. December 3, the public security traffic management department has been the driver of criminal detention.

12 月 4 日 上午 10 时 55 minutes, Peng Jianying (male, 33 years old, business Luo Danfeng people) Shaanxi ALA977 driving along the high number of light-duty dump truck traveling north to south two routing technology Road Cross turn left, walking north to south along the crosswalk Zhang Yunlian (female, 76 years old) knocked down to death. December 5, the public security traffic management department has been the driver of criminal detention.

12 月 5 日 凌晨 0 时 45 minutes, Zhang Feng Bo (male, 28 years old, Xi’an) No. AF5589 driving Shaanxi Chang’an Plaza, heavy dump trucks along the road from south to north Holy Road together home district two sites near the door will be a pedestrian crossing the road west to east, left sign (male, 21 years old, Xi’an) knocked down to death. December 6, the public security traffic management department has been the driver of criminal detention.

after the accident, the municipal government attaches great importance, leadership, district leadership and the traffic police were first at the scene, rescue personnel, evacuate people, maintain traffic order, and investigate the cause.

According to local police department statistics, in 2011 the first 10 months, 46 people die under the muck cars. With the traffic accident situation in November and so far, Xi’an

In addition, the Xi’an Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment informed early morning of December 6, a grade of Shaanxi AC6752 malicious muck cars running red lights of the processing. This car brands Shaan AC6752 muck truck driver Zhang Shuai Chuang two consecutive red lights, traffic police have impounded the driver’s license, impose a cap on the drivers of economic sanctions, while working to recover this car muck truck record cards, shall never be another record, that this driver and car will always be clean muck out muck removal industry, which is also the city first imposed on the muck cars and drivers of such punishment case. Meanwhile, the muck cars owned enterprises Ring soil Fang Baojie Engineering Co., Ltd. Shaanxi extended for three days ordered to stop.

Xi’an government has introduced measures to manage the five

muck truck muck truck operating qualification examination and approval rights reverted Shangwang

yesterday, Xi’an Municipal Government for the muck cars issues held a press conference, at which Vice Mayor Qian cited on said bursts of 3 from the muck car accident incidents reflect renovation work in place, deep disgrace to the city people’s trust, a disgrace to be muck car accident injury to people and their families. Municipal government has worked out five measures of the municipal government has the determination and confidence to muck Vehicle good.

In recent years, the city adopted various measures to increase the muck cars rectification, muck truck overloaded coming to the fore, throw, fly-tips phenomenon has been significantly improved, but the muck cars speeding, running red lights, and other retrograde violations are still outstanding issues, no matter how much work is still constantly muck car accident. At yesterday’s press conference, Vice Mayor of money lead on, said, indicating that government is not ready, especially the spate of three traffic accidents, to people’s lives and property caused serious losses, reflecting the government regulation is not in place , a strong sense of responsibility, related departments, the means are not hard, more so on the management of vulnerability.

money quoted Ann said: sense of responsibility, increase the intensity of the comprehensive improvement of muck cars, firmly relying on the masses to take decisive measures to firmly and effectively stop the muck cars illegal activities. chaired a special meeting to develop five measures of governance muck cars. Recent mass media and the public regulation for the muck truck put a number of recommendations, such as the installation of speed limiter, blind to the removal of vehicles and other technical appraisal issues, Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment to immediately organize relevant departments and experts to study.

money quoted security that Xi’an is in great development and construction period of 8 Articles Nissan muck about, muck removal is a long-term task, the municipal government has the obligation and responsibility to this task, but also determination and confidence to manage it.


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