a detailed account of his .

Beijing Yaohao policy implementation vehicle for almost a year , the Beijing Office of the small passenger car index -control management data , applicants from the initial 20 million to nearly 80 million people now , in the ballot from the initial ratio of 1: 10 about 1:40 into the present .

Gaosuibuyou Thailand a

Reporters unannounced visits found that Introduced , the reporter would like to know the name of investment intermediaries send him , trying to uncover the operation of various aspects of black chain mystery .

Send him to attend to bite , quickly took out a clip from the purse and a stack of documents.

There are two folders yard Da identity ,

Send him to say , as long as willing to pay, through his relationship , so that car brand .

The pile of stamped seal Hebei Yongqing civil court ruling and other documents , it is send him to the

The evening of December 8 , North to the bridge near a hot pot , a Jumping steam table before send him to a rock not to buy a car license plate number , but suffer from the customer , a detailed account of his .


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