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According to the Yunnan Network reported on 23 December 7 December, the sky drizzle, cloud Funing County of Wenshan Prefecture, Yunnan railway Guangxi section of a high-speed railway tunnel the rain still exit liquidation. This also means that more than a year ago to bring ten million of money, an ambitious high-speed rail built into the Fu Ning Fujian Pingtan people Zhou Qing (a pseudonym) in the tunnel works were suspended four months after the official chose to withdraw. The difference is that a year ago, and now he is left to the various disputes and usury-ridden.

with the tunnel, as the cloud Guangxi China Railway Tunnel Group Project Manager Department of the Yunnan railway under Division 11 construction teams have switched all the downtime. And the other one in Yunnan high-speed rail – Shanghai-Kunming passenger line in addition to the Yunnan section of the same tunnel as the wall slope control projects across the board is important, but there are also lay-off project. Clearly, the Ministry of Railways 200 billion yuan as the national emergency under subsection pepper spread, the Yunnan status of the two high-speed rail stoppage has not been substantially improved, the number of persons are involved in construction said they did not know whether the benefit of the tenders , and also for return to work when the mind free spectrum.

from the car to drive to the little populated cloud Gui

high-speed rail through Yunnan, Guangxi provinces, the state segment length of 434 km in Yunnan, Yunnan

Gui Yun Fu Ning high-speed rail segment constructed by China Railway Tunnel Group won the bid, the construction team had 11, more than 2,000 workers in the Sections of the tunnel construction work. December 7, the construction team, led by several staff members, after nearly an hour bumpy bear mountain, the reporter and his party reached the cloud Guangxi, Yunnan section of the railway division of the first bid of a construction site, this time from 8 month full suspension has been more than four months time.

7 am, involved the construction of the tunnel workers have gone home, Gui Yun Fu Ning Yunnan section of the railway within a high-speed railway tunnel next to the construction of temporary housing for dozens of empty construction site populated few, all the remaining sub-tunnel project is the construction team owner, is no longer difficult car to drive to the old scene, hear the roar of machinery, railings Tunnel Portal has long been sealed, and the tunnel adjacent to another the tunnel exit is a captive of the dozens of slaughtered chickens and the dog jumped seventy-eight.

Zhou Qing (a pseudonym) is the 11-owner of the construction team, from China famous eight years, this time he contracted Funing County within a high-speed rail tunnel.

To formally enter the tunnel until the end of construction. And this year, Liu Zhijun, the outbreak, coupled with the tightening of national macro-context, the Ministry of Railways this year’s financing has been severely affected, leading to the owners (refer to cloud Guangxi, Yunnan Railway Co., Ltd., the owner is responsible for railway tender, funded and acceptance of supervision, is a subordinate unit of Railway Bureau. Editor’s Note) funding is not in place early this year, the construction team in order to maintain the constantly fill huge amounts of money, the project can not be normal Dry denominated funds, and continuous investment to the construction team can not support, in addition 7.23 Yongwen railway incident in August 11 the construction team was forced to full suspension.

and Yunnan Province of another Shanghai-Kunming passenger high-speed rail line because the state railway artery. Shanghai-Kunming passenger line Yunnan section of the current work stoppage better than the cloud Gui railway in Yunnan Province. December 11, the reporter arrived at the domain wall in Fuyuan County Qujing slope tunnel. This is China in the construction of 350 kilometers per hour passenger rail lines first long tunnel, the tunnel all up to 14 kilometers, will be directly through a tunnel in Fuyuan County, Yunnan, Guizhou Panxian directly, because of its longer duration, difficulty of construction larger, and therefore become the focus of the Shanghai-Kunming high-speed rail control projects, the successful construction of the Central Railway of five.

11 am, flat guide wall sloping tunnel (auxiliary hole) Square clean, orderly display of machinery, the workers in the wind tunnel to clear the square of construction machinery, an exhaust pipe from the hole, auxiliary hole straight down to less than rumbling roaring sound. The far wall has a slope of active mouth excavator also under construction.

of five Shanghai-Kunming Railway Passenger Yunnan section of the Project Management Team, a team of two tunnel segments Wan captain told reporters. The Shanghai-Kunming passenger line the owner limited liability company and the cloud of Yunnan Guangxi, Yunnan Railway Co., Ltd. is indeed a team of two brands.

Although the Shanghai-Kunming passenger line as a flagship project of the wall slope of the tunnel still under construction, but that does not mean the Yunnan section of optimism. Of five Shanghai-Kunming Railway Passenger Yunnan section of the project manager for the Department official told reporters that the construction of the Central Railway of five Yunnan section of a total of 40.258 kilometers, but with the exception of the slope outside wall has been fully shut down. The front wall sloping tunnel is not the same as 100% complete before the start, that is, reducing the construction schedule. Other companies within the construction of the Yunnan Province tenders in addition to other key control projects, many are in a suspended state.


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