Affect the performance of automotive control six factors

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We usually said vehicle control, in fact, are an integrated performance, mainly referring to the process in a moving car shown by the stability, flexibility, accuracy and controllability. Motor vehicles by the manipulation of the main aspects of the six factors:

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First, the chassis. Not a lot of people on the chassis that the car chassis are sure it is more solid. In fact, whether the solid chassis performance at corner at the vehicle, high-speed,坑凹road car for the road conditions when the ability to adapt to, a solid chassis could assist implementation of non-performing road car conquest, thus helping achieve good driving car. And relatively soft performance on the different chassis. It will appear at a time when high-speed floating hair of the situation, it will bend to allow motorists feeling lost focus, it will at坑凹road vehicles are unable, therefore, whether a car has an excellent control, the chassis is a factor important.

Two shift. With a solid foundation on chassis with a steering precision, moderate intensity, good steering feedback system is also very critical. If the steering system understeer, excessive or back is poor, or the direction of too light, too heavy will make auto stability, flexibility, accuracy and reduced controllability. Serious at the complexity of the road may also be dangerous.

Three engine. In fact, has an excellent control is not necessary to have a large displacement and strong power, the engine displacement and the bad with little to do with the performance of the engine. Engine power output is stable, smooth, big torque and power to maintain it constant, and whether fuel-efficient, this is good or bad evaluation of a standard engine.

Four, transmission. Of course, only has an excellent power system that does not work, must also have excellent power distribution system, which is transmission. Generally speaking, the finer distinction gear, the more reasonable distribution of power, car power, the better the performance, but also more fuel-efficient. In this regard, the public will not only shift the DSG transmission speeds comparable to FI car, and has grown to seven forward gear, are currently the most advanced transmission. In addition, Porsche TIPTRONIC6 block manual transmission is also very advanced. Manual transmission, the BMW 6 manual transmission than the average because of a breakdown of many transmission gear is definitely more advanced. In addition, the transmission quality is also reflected in the gear range is clear, whether the smooth shift. The reason is simple, a Shift vague, incomprehensible shift transmission will not be brought about by motor vehicles are smooth distribution of power brought about by the driver will not be comfortable driving fun.

Friday, self-respect. Vehicle weight and fuel consumption is not only related with the same control performance is closely related to motor vehicles. Heavy vehicles easily lead to “small Mara carts” feeling, but also too much for fuel consumption. The car is too light at high speed you would have to “take off” feeling at turning a corner feeling “rootless.” Therefore, the appropriate degree of self-respect and power with very important.

Six, active safety technology. ESP (Europe), ABS, EBD, DSC (Toyota), VSA (Honda), CBC, MSR, MASR these active safety technology, in fact, not only safety-related, but also closely related to car driving performance, it can effectively correct adverse driving status of vehicles, which greatly improve the performance of the vehicle. Therefore, we would like to thank these active safety technology, which not only take the initiative to give us security, but also give us a great deal of driving pleasure.

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