causing 30 deaths. Several hours later

China news agency, Beijing, January 6 – Iraq’s Shiite enclave and more explosions caused 6 deaths has risen to 78 people, while hundreds were injured. Does not rule out the possibility of the death toll to rise further. Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri Shen niche held an emergency meeting, strongly condemned the bombing attacks against civilians, trying to defuse the political reconciliation of approaches escalating sectarian conflict.

Associated Press quoted an unnamed Iraqi official as saying the number of casualties caused by the explosion may be more than 100 people. According to reports, the location of the explosion are Shiite gathering area. 5 morning, the Iraqi capital Baghdad and the surrounding area exploded, causing 30 deaths. Several hours later, the Shiite shrine in Karbala suicide bombing attack, resulting in 48 deaths.

There is no organization or individual that the explosion of the charge of 5.

According to Iraqi Alsumaria television reported that Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki and the Sunni parliamentary evening of 5 spokesman 奥萨玛努贾 ephah meeting, the second per capita for explosion occurred was condemned, and agreed to negotiate to resolve the current crisis.

UN Secretary General’s Special Representative for Iraq, Blair 5 Ma Dingke also issued a statement condemning the incident of bomb attacks.

The Associated Press reported that since the U.S. withdrawal, Iraq’s Shiite and Sunni conflict escalating, government factions contradictions become increasingly prominent. Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki in Shiite-led government dominated. Many Sunni militant groups dissatisfied with the current political landscape, creating more than a series of bombing attacks.

On 22 December last year, just a few days before the U.S. withdrawal from Iraq, the capital of Baghdad in recent years with the largest Shiite Muslims for bombings, killing nearly 70 people were killed. Sunni militant groups with links to the

He believes that the sectarian conflict in Iraq’s future long-term possibility of growing.

Davutoglu over Turkey’s Foreign interview earlier this week when he warned of serious sectarian violence inside Iraq, if once they have crossed national boundaries, the Middle East may be the formation of (


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