Jilin Province Jiaohe City

Xinhua Changchun January 6 news ( reporter Zhou rights) Reporters learned from the Public Security Bureau Dunhua City , Jilin Province , Jilin Province Jiaohe City, a man in order to test the lethal homemade guns , trying to shift the shooting of innocent pedestrians Dang Bazi . Dunhua police investigation lasted several days , eventually arrested the suspect Jiabao Dong .

December 16, 2011 8 pm, Dunhua City Public Security Bureau received a public warning , said : Dunhua City, democratic three district hospital was built , a woman lying on the ground , head trauma, life and death is unknown . Alarm, the police rushed to the site . The understanding and investigation , the deceased 40 -year-old Wang , Department of the individual waiters , confirm the victim being hit in the head gun deaths of others .

After the incident, police mobilize the whole Dunhua City Public Security Bureau , the city’s total of 600 taxi drivers investigations, more than 20,000 people visited the household , the relationship of people to visit more than 2,000 people , collect clues to more than 500 articles , 60 review of suspicious people. Learned by a large number of visits , the victim of social relations simply ruled out the possibility of passion and murder . The multi- row , the police will be targeting the Jiaohe City, a man named Jiabao Dong .

January 1 this year, 29 am, in cooperation with the police Jiaohe , Dunhua City Public Security Bureau deputy director John Lang led the investigators to enter into a Jiabao Dong ‘s house, and hide under the bed of Jiabao Dong arrested and found in their homes three homemade guns , imitation guns one caliber gun bullets 6 , ball 370 and the clothing worn when committing the crime .

Under questioning, Jiabao Dong confessed illicit manufacturing of firearms and shooting Wang ‘s crimes. Day of the incident , he was carrying a gun modified with a nail gun , take the train to Dunhua city looking targets , test the lethality of firearms . When he found the victim to walk home , they use guns to kill self after the escape .

At present , the suspect Jiabao Dong has been under criminal detention , the case is under further investigation .


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