and China have different general importance

According to the January 6 issue of United States, a war to win more than enough time , then gathered strength for the second war .

About America’s future adversaries , the U.S. officials and some media have highlighted China . Bloomberg News quoted unidentified government sources as saying the United States should have the ability to curb any possible anti- intervention capability , as China is developing diesel attack submarines as well as China and Iran ‘s anti-ship ICBM deployment , and, if necessary time to beat them.

Adjust the Asia-Pacific region in recent years stepped up U.S. military deployment against China’s intentions more obvious . School of International Relations, Renmin University of China Professor Jin 5 of the China the United States will feel nervous . For the United States , and China have different general importance , Iran is a strong urgency , the United States reduced the natural target for China and Iran , this change is very detrimental to China


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