the Iranian Rial to rise 21% within two days .

According to the January 5 issue of The eyes of analysts in the United States , Iran

Iran warned last two days after another U.S. aircraft carrier will not return to the Persian Gulf , and announced that it is ready to formulate legislation that would require foreign warships must get permission to Iranian authorities through the Strait of Hormuz , because

CNN said the United States , Iran warned U.S. aircraft carrier will take action if you return to the Gulf , this seems to be begging the U.S. to launch military attacks.

Other analysts believe that Obama recently signed the bill to increase sanctions against Iran to force Iran to have a go . Agence France-Presse said Wednesday the new U.S. sanctions against Iran caused turmoil in currency markets , exchange rate fell , the Iranian central bank had to intervene from 2 , the Iranian Rial to rise 21% within two days .

U.S. In 1941 the U.S. oil embargo on Japan , or Japan or the decline of launching military action . Soon the pain to find that the United States , Japan would prefer to fight militarism also refused to change course . And then Japan is similar to Iran also has a long and proud history , who has great empire , and has a great sense of mission . It is also most likely to prefer to fight rather than wallow in decline.


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