hereinafter referred to as week to accept applications for new domain name.

SAN FRANCISCO, January 5 morning news, despite the industry’s critics and some law enforcement concerns, but the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Number (hereinafter referred to as week to accept applications for new domain name.

Many large enterprises have already registered as domain names are registered trademarks of facing the problem of infringement, and in order to avoid damage to the image, and some companies do not even need to buy at high prices to use the domain name. ICANN’s latest decision is to impose an additional concern.

Communications and information services in charge of the U.S. Department of Commerce Assistant Secretary Lawrence Frost Like Lin (Lawrence Strickling) on ​​Wednesday called on ICANN to take appropriate measures to reduce the pressure of business forced to register domain names. His letter to ICANN, said: >

ICANN said on Wednesday that the proposal will be assessed Stricklin. The agency chairman Steve Crocker (Steve Crocker) said in a statement:

ICANN’s new top-level domain is priced at $ 185,000, the agency will be accepted from January 12 to apply, but the specific use of time is not yet clear. Said a person close to ICANN, the agency will slow down the process.

But ICANN is not prepared to delay expansion plans for the new domain, this site hopes to attract more innovative, open to non-Latin characters. ICANN also promised to quickly withdraw the domain name registered trade mark infringement.

Stricklin also calls for ICANN to better determine site specific controller, so some sites being used for criminal activities, cooperate with law enforcement.

Advertising Association to lobby the U.S. director Dan Jiafei (Dan Jaffe) are worried that companies will be forced to spend millions of dollars in monitoring violations of intellectual property rights.

U.S. think tank Center for Strategic and International Studies (Center for Strategic and International Studies) technical experts Jim Lewis (Jim Lewis), said the high $ 185,000 application fee would help to deter hostile cybersquatters.


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