rescuers also found that five of the victims

Italian cruise Concorde 17 search and rescue personnel in the implementation of controlled blasting the surface of the hull, to search for survivors. The day, rescuers also found that five of the victims, accident death toll rose to 11 stranded people. Concorde captain Francesco Tarantino Skye end of the day allowed the prison regime, subject to acceptance at home under house arrest. 17 passengers survived the beginning of the cruise operator Costa Cruises filed a lawsuit seeking compensation for property and moral damage.

Search and rescue personnel Union No. 17 in the hull surface of the implementation of the luxury cruise controlled blasting to help divers to enter a confined cabin cruise search for survivors.

According to Agence France-Presse said, the morning of 17 search and rescue team to perform three times a controlled demolition. Television footage showed the hull above the water surface burst leaving a hole less than two meters in diameter.

During this period, rescuers also found that five of the victims, including one female and four male, probably passengers, ages 50 to 60 years old, wearing a life jacket.

Italian Civil Defense Department confirmed death toll rose to 11. In addition, a previously

Italian Coast Guard official Marini admits the possibility of finding survivors is very small, and yet not give up hope. He said:

Marini has also confirmed to reporters, the cruise has not yet appeared signs of leakage, rescue workers have done a deal to prepare.

Italian Environment Minister Keli Ni 16 that night, for fear of leakage of fuel to carry cruise to the nearby national park, he will declare a state of emergency, but did not mention the premise of the introduction of this state and time. He said the limited salvage team on the 18th cruise out of fuel transfer program, transfer ship out within 10 days of the program.

home to accept house arrest

As a Concorde captain, was arrested after Skye Martino faces attempted murder charges. 17 court hearing when he denied saying to abandon the ship to escape, but argued that he’s a sinking ship to save a lot of people.

Skye Martino told the prosecution, the disaster occurred, he was at the helm, the ship tilted, he fell from the deck and fell into the sea, unable to swim back to the boat.

cruise control to guide the direction towards the coast, to save many lives,

Attorney Weiluxiao said Skye Martino have fled risk. After hearing the court decided to allow 17 Skye Martino prison, under house arrest at home to accept.

At this stage, the prosecution has yet to Valentino and his first mate 奇罗安布罗 Theo Skye filed formal charges.

Prosecution claims passengers survived

17 passengers survived the beginning of the cruise operator filed a lawsuit seeking compensation for the latter property and mental anguish.

Italian Consumer Rights Protection Association 17, said director Lean Qi, adding more than 70 passengers sponsored by the Association for Costa Cruise Lines collective action.

Lean Qi said, collective action designed to win for each passenger at least € 10,000 compensation for the property, as well as frightened, lost holiday, experience the spirit of high-risk areas such as compensation.

In France, the French national passenger base and 塔蒂亚娜韦 Patricia Maxwell Frederick calorie Sanuo Wa-based lawyer, said the charges would be filed carrier charges include personnel, to endanger the lives of others, negligent homicide, does not provide safety information. Casanova said the two parties living in southeastern France, 100 passengers are planning to collect signatures.

to) self-help.

However, the Italian maritime law professor at the University of Bologna Zunaleili reminded of the passengers, this is not a biased in favor of the protection vessel operators.


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