the calculation of the PLA Navy now has a total of 1045 kinds of vessels

Throw new military strategy in the United States after January 10, the U.S. Navy operations in the open Nath, Minister of the United States Green the next 10 to 15 years of global strategic layout of the Navy, said bluntly, will the Navy 1 / 3 of the ships transferred to the Western Pacific, which means that the future deployment in the western Pacific on the Chinese side of U.S. warships close to 100 vessels, equivalent to half of U.S. Navy forces.

U.S. Naval War College professor James – Holmes in the From the present point of view, this fleet is likely to be the main new Littoral Combat Ship.

New Star singing

James – Holmes that the 2010 edition of the U.S. military’s Among these, the most important increase from fifty LCS ships, the types of ships the Navy has become the

All along, many experts do not agree with the U.S. Defense Department to send a South China Sea Littoral Combat Ship units, and now this decision seems to become a reality. General Jonathan Greenert Navy confirmed that once the number of ships joined the U.S. Navy Littoral Combat Ship fleet, it will immediately go to Singapore. Another unit will ship in the Philippine Islands may be active.

Federation in the recently held meeting of the U.S. Navy, U.S. Navy surface warfare, General Director Thomas Loudon to elaborate on this. His talk will focus on the number of LCS, rather than their ability. U.S. Navy plans to purchase 55 such low-end, relatively low cost of warships. Loudon support

In fact, LCS supporters raised some of the more striking point of view. U.S. Navy for the 21st century sea power strategy is the proposed co-launched along two tracks: first, to guide the U.S. Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard in the western Pacific and Indian Ocean to maintain excellence in combat, for the foreseeable future to do good preparation; second, while the world’s oceans on partnerships and alliances, in order to protect maritime security. The previous plan depends on the people familiar with the luxury fleet, including aircraft carriers, guided missile cruisers and guided missile destroyers and attack submarines. However, the high-end warships to perform maintenance for maritime security, piracy, arms smuggling and other tasks, this is obviously Slightly worse in the ability of surface warships, such as the LCS, you can fully take over these tasks at low cost.

U.S. Navy ships typically perform a variety of tasks, from the air war to fight against shore targets. However, the contrast is that the LCS is a single mission ships. It is primarily responsible for the implementation period of time a task. The ship is designed to carry a variety of different If this technology to be successful, the LCS will be able to enter the harbor in time, within a few hours, replace the module from one task to another task module, re-equipping, the next task.

Face from China’s

James – Holmes believes that the LCS is not a war for the construction of large surface ships, LCS ships supporters also noted that displacement of smaller problems.

Not long ago, Washington’s Which in large part because China is opposed to the military alliance between East Asian countries. Beijing has been using bilateral diplomatic means to resolve disputes with the country’s territorial waters, rather than through multilateral means, which will rise to the dispute ASEAN level.

Moreover, China has always maintained that the presence of the U.S. Navy in the South China Sea in the implementation of the Chinese officials and scholars of the articles declared that the forward deployment of U.S. strategy in itself reflects a However, Beijing will find a LCS unit will be described as the So, the LCS may be the most suitable for the best theater in Southeast Asia warships, while the Chinese had to find new countermeasures.

In some ways, a Littoral Combat Ship fleet may lead to the strength of the U.S. Asiatic Fleet, has been cut. Historically, before World War II until the rise of the Imperial Japanese Navy, the United States this fleet has been in existence in Asia. Asian fleet is a light force, not a conventional battle fleet. The fleet’s primary purpose is diplomacy. Was designated as a heavy cruiser flagship, other components include the old light cruiser ships, destroyers, gunboats, submarines and support ships. Just before the outbreak of World War II, Asiatic Fleet’s commander, General Thomas Hart joked that his ship, Fleet’s combat effectiveness coefficient is very low, and this problem has existed for a long time.

However, U.S. troops are now stationed in the off position closer to the Asian theater. Once the LCS force – deployed new Asian fleet, deployed in Guam and Japan, the power heavy ships, than in the West Coast to Hawaii and the United States much closer. U.S. Navy can more effectively dispatch, fleet deployment.

Australia, together with the United States attempts to further expand the base in November last year signed an agreement. In the northern coast of Darwin, Australia to deploy a Marine Expeditionary Force, the tactical role of this very large. This will make the U.S. Navy security forces in the South China Sea region has a

In fact, in World War II, the U.S. military center of gravity for a long time in Europe, the Atlantic, the U.S. military deployment in Europe is also very large. Now shift the focus to adjust the deployment to the Pacific region, this large-scale military build-up reflects a problem, I am afraid the Pacific not peaceful. The start map we find that the future will be launched by the United States, Tokyo, Japan, Okinawa, Pusan, Korea, Singapore to Darwin, Australia, the naval base line, through cooperation with its allies,

Thus, the LCS can be the best in Southeast Asia as the United States’ standard-bearer, One Littoral Combat Ship U.S. Navy forces could make the vital sea lines of communication to build their own partner, while China noted that the U.S. presence in the region. U.S. Navy forces in the battle to save the time to prepare for large-scale conflict, but also can have a rapid reaction force in non-traditional security mission, it will not attract too much attention to countries in the region. This adjustment will calm Beijing’s concerns it? James Holmes believes that it is very doubtful. However, as the main response to the LCS that

Then, in the South China Sea on a new contest in the United States Navy, United States Navy should be how to properly assess the combat power? According to some Western experts, the calculation of the PLA Navy now has a total of 1045 kinds of vessels, almost twice the U.S. Navy ships available. Navy ships from the register data, the U.S. Navy currently 287 ships, including 257 full members, but also good in combat readiness. In addition, there are 163 U.S. civilian non-combatants with the U.S. Military Sealift Command ship for deployment (of which 51 running somewhat less). Twenty-two adding that U.S. policymakers can deploy a total of 450 ships.

However, these two sets of data obtained by the PLA Navy’s combat capability for the Navy’s combat power twice, apparently meaningless. In fact, thousands of Chinese ships, including supervision of ship, ocean surveillance ship and tug, not to mention which also includes the role of modern naval warfare is not the old punt.

But a prominent feature of the Chinese navy to rely on small, flexible, fast attack boats firepower against the enemy to win the mainland coastal sea. Displacement of about 220 tons of 022-type catamaran missile boats, designed to raid large warships. This class missile boats equipped with a remote anti-ship cruise missiles, compared to displacement, to highlight their attack much more. Activities near the Chinese coast of the U.S. Navy forces, we must have the courage to endure such as 022 boats attack risk. So, James Holmes believes that with the LCS into the western Pacific region, China and the U.S. Navy contest to enter a


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