ASEAN is difficult to send a unified voice . Take a long time to solve the problem.

ASEAN and China continued opposition around the South China Sea . How will the future of the Chinese government to deal with Southeast Asia ? Reporters interviewed in Hanoi, Vietnam National University, International Department Fengkang Ming (sound ) .

Q: The new year into the relationship between China and Southeast Asia will evolve ?

A: In 2010, China and the ASEAN Free Trade Agreement came into force , bilateral economic relations have become closer . China will make further attention to the attitude in Southeast Asia . Last year, the United States to return to Asia , India and Russia are also involved. Of the world’s major powers , Southeast Asia has become an important area .

Q: Specifically ?

A: ASEAN is not only natural resources, markets and suppliers , also located between the Pacific and Indian Ocean , on the importance of geopolitics higher . China will be more economic assistance to States to establish a good relationship .

Q: China and ASEAN economic relations are good, but the issue has continued in the South China Sea confrontation .

A : On this issue , China will not change its basic policy. In China’s view, the South China Sea issue is a sovereignty issue , related to the legitimacy of the government . It will issue this as an important issue and Taiwan . Rich in oil and gas resources in the South China Sea , China’s economic development is essential. On the territorial issue , the development of ASEAN, China will continue to reject claims ,

ASEAN has also differentiate into Vietnam and the Philippines, countries interested in the South China Sea and the indifference of the state two camps. Thus , ASEAN is difficult to send a unified voice . Take a long time to solve the problem.

Q: ASEAN and the United States is looking to build China encircling net .

A: Indeed, China ‘s attitude on the issue in the South China Sea to the ASEAN closer relations with the U.S. . However, for political , economic and security interests , China will seek to establish good relations with ASEAN , and ASEAN will also do so . I do not think ASEAN is surrounded by China and the United States with


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