as long as the United States and Europe do not use force

Leaked Iran will take the initiative off the oil to EU countries Iran’s strange and vivid, the strain on the Iran issue very difficult.
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Iran sticks twigs, branches of a tree, but the general direction is unlikely to change: the United States and Europe against Iran’s nuclear capability to eradicate gradually evolve into the eradication of the Iranian regime. The first step to cut off Iran’s oil embargo of the way out will not take back. Even if Iran does not pre-emptive strike off the oil to the EU, six months after the West on Iran’s comprehensive oil embargo showdown will come.

This gambling is involved in Iran’s 60 million population of the Middle East oil regime of China is destined to get involved, We should Save fantasy.

A showdown with Iran, the United States and Europe will eventually partially converted to the showdown of the United States and Europe with China, unless we now take the initiative to retreat. Namely: whether it should even have to obey the strategic layout of the United States and Europe. Previously on major international political disputes, the Chinese try to avoid directly contradict with the United States and Europe, to China in exchange for the US-European policy toward China to some extent, a moderate. This time the United States and Europe have the same expectations.

But the Iranian issue involves a deep level of interest in China, far from other international conflicts can be compared. Today, an attitude of any means to intervene, 10% of oil imports from Iran, China is simply not an outsider, so to stay out.

Must intervene and control the situation in detail the advantages of China and China should have the courage to ignore the detailed resolution, focusing on the practical interest in the issue of Iran’s largest, and most need to protect the basic principles of China’s diplomacy.

The greatest practical interest is to continue to buy oil from Iran. China’s most important diplomatic basic principle is opposed to external pressure to force to change the regime of a country, especially against the threat of war to do so.

The basic attitude of these two opposing Iran policy with the United States and Europe. This opposition because of the situation in Iran itself is a major and obvious to go. The showdown over Iran will focus on at some point to This is today should be clearly foreseen and carefully study the countermeasures.

Unavoidable conflicts should be comfortable with, which is China must be some mental preparation.

China should step up coordination with the East Asian and South Asian countries, as far as possible, and they formed a temporary alliance to continue to buy oil from Iran. Climate responsibility in international disputes, the temporary alliance of the

Does not exclude the United States to prevent the Chinese to buy oil from Iran at a critical moment to take some radical practice. China’s response to the situation in the development of sufficient estimated and outrageous violation of their rights have been come up with the forces of counter-measures. This involves setting the tone for future Sino-US friction.

The United States and Europe facing economic difficulties at the wrong time and place to launch sanctions showdown, as long as the United States and Europe do not use force, their chances of winning are not high. The United States and Europe quite a lot of the concerns of war, sanctions abortion does not mean that war inevitably broke out.

Iran conflict, the Chinese exercise the courage to display their strategy on the big stage, China should establish a self-confidence: Once we go to play according to their own script, even if we lost, and also many lose not how much. China is not a afford to lose, always cautious, careful countries.

Do more to oppose sanctions against Iran, is to reduce the pressure of the future. Avoid conflict, escaped first become obvious to fifteen. China should have a more positive performance
on Iran


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