one should not completely abandon the Su-33.

According to the Russian on his way to Syria, had carried out for domestic Indian carrier to use the MiG-29K new carrier-based fighter aircraft flight tests.
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General Command of the Russian Navy sources pointed out that during the voyage to Syria, the Russian Navy He said:

The life of the MiG-29K will be completely replaced in the future will expire in 2015, the Su-33 has become the primary carrier-based fighter of the Russian Navy aircraft carrier. Prior to the Su-33 has been the basis of the Russian First Deputy Defense Secretary Sukhorukov, announced last week ordered 28 MiG-29K carrier-based fighter, the Russian military in 2012. Indian Navy in the previous ) has ordered 16 MiG-29K.

Some experts believe that the MiG-29K in many performance not as good as the Su-33. Russian geopolitics, vice president of military science, Dr. Schiff Primakov said: task, not only the destruction of aircraft, but also to attack ground and surface targets. Therefore, one should not completely abandon the Su-33.

However, the mass production of Su-33 a few years ago had to stop, so in order to re-produce this type of aircraft carrier, you must restore the the Komsomolsk aviation factory production line in the Amur River, which requires a larger investment. Different with the Su-33, MiG-29K carrier-based aircraft production because of the existence of the Order of India, was never interrupted. Schiff Primakov believes that the new MiG-29K fighters and can not help the Russian Navy to build a true sense of the aircraft carrier fleet, because of the technical condition of the aircraft carrier He said: to prove his status as a large ocean-going country.

Konovalov, Russian experts stressed that Russia, as long as there is offshore for warships is enough to protect its coastal areas from the attacks of other countries, the Russian Navy, unlike the U.S. Navy as a great need for the aircraft carrier, to participate in a variety of ocean-going military operations. In this case, the fact that the carrier-based aviation itself is more important than its actual combat capabilities. He said: difference.

The MiG-29K 4th generation multi-purpose carrier-based fighter aircraft developed from the MiG-29 on the basis of. Compared with the basic aircraft, carrier-based version of MiG -29 more perfect to use the mechanisms of the folded wing, strengthened landing gear strut, increasing the amount of fuel and payload. In order to effectively conduct maritime air combat, the stealth performance of the MiG-29K is significantly improved, in order to avoid enemy air defense systems, radar search. Also installed a new engine from seawater corrosion, and improve a series of tactical and technical performance


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