Reported that the delegation was divided into several groups

Global Network reporter Wang Huan reported that the China-DPRK relations persons , according to Japan ‘s Tokyo Shimbun quoted on February 15 , said North Korean authorities to send about 1000 technical officers delegation to China since the end of January , including the Korean economy, trade officials and some technical staff . The world is headquartered in Seoul, South Korea North Korea Research Center for this analysis that the technical officials of the Korean large-scale camp to go to China , or to explore the Chinese model of reform and opening up routes to try to change North Korea ‘s current difficult economic situation .
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According to the director of the Research Centre , Korea National Central University , Professor Ann Chan (phonetic ) said that the officials of the DPRK sent include the main person in charge of the Korea Trade Ministry and the departments under the investment and joint venture transaction , in addition, the DPRK sent the state security Department officials with peers .

Reported that the delegation was divided into several groups, each group size is controlled in less than 10 people , to inspect the major cities in Northeast China , Shenyang , Dalian and Yanji . In addition, individual group also traveled to Shanghai to inspect the local private enterprises and factories , and an active exchange with the local economic and trade community .

Reported that , as China ‘s Economic Development Zone , Shanghai and Dalian, the coastal cities in recent years of rapid economic development; Shenyang, China old industrial bases in accelerating the pace of reform , foreign auto manufacturers have been successfully settled in the local , therefore , these areas are likely to future North Korean economic reform The report said the Thus, the North Korean authorities have begun to explore the route of the new institutional changes


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