Indian media quoted as saying in the New Delhi police commissioner B K Gupta

Thai intelligence officials said on the 15th, the day before the explosion occurred in the capital Bangkok City targets for Israeli diplomats. Thai Foreign Minister Suraphong Methomyl poor guess Christine announced the same day filed four charges, two Iranian suspects.
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Targets for Israel

Bangkok city on the 14th suffered three explosions, at least four Thai people were injured, an Iranian suspect lost both legs in the explosion.

Police search after the incident the three Iranians suspected of rental housing, found and defused two improvised explosive devices. Statement by the bomb squad, the explosive device was

Director of Thailand’s national police floating Pan said Dama Peng, an explosive device has a

Our survey found that the type of explosives that (the suspects) target independent individuals, dense populations or large buildings.

In general, C4 explosives can be used to explode tied to the door hinge or controlled detonated a suspicious device.

An unnamed Thai intelligence official told the AFP reporter on the 15th, the targets of Israeli diplomats, including Israel’s Ambassador to Thailand, three Iranian men formed an assassination team, including diplomatic personnel, including the Israeli ambassador objectives, intentions adsorption bomb placed in the latter car.

Two Iranians were accused of

Thai police previously recognized injuries the Suspects Saeed Moradi, and in Bangkok Suvarnabhumi International Airport to arrest the other suspects were trying to go to Malaysia Mohamed Hazha Yi. For fled Masood color, the third suspect in Malaysia to play Hazard, police issued an arrest warrant, Malaysia to assist the hunt.

Initial investigations revealed that the Moradi on the 8th of this month arrived in the resort island of Phuket, southern Thailand from the South Korean capital Seoul, followed by hotel. The police bomb squad found in the vicinity of the incident a dark-colored backpack, there are a number of Iranian Rial, the U.S. dollar and Thai baht.

Suraphong, Thai Foreign Minister, told reporters on the 15th, two suspects are four counts of charges for possession of explosives, deliberate murder, attempted murder of police officers and bombings in public places.

Bangkok city the same day to strengthen security, and some foreign embassies and consulates recommend their citizens to be vigilant.

U.S. Consulate in Bangkok, Thailand Embassy website tips, U.S. citizens should remain on high alert,

Three explosions floppy disk the same

Thailand’s National Security Council Secretary-General Wei Qieen Thailand Founder in the investigation of the Bangkok bombings bomb threat associated with the Israeli embassy in India and Georgia.

Israel in the Indian capital New Delhi embassy car on the 13th was a magnetic bomb attack seriously injured an Israeli woman diplomat. The same day, the end of Israel in the Georgian capital, Tbilisi embassy car car bomb found, police alarm, bomb disposal.

Israel identified Iran and Hezbollah in Lebanon is behind the bombings in New Delhi, Tbilisi and Bangkok, was Iran denies.

Asked if the two attacks in India and Bangkok of explosives used is the same Weiqie En said:

Indian media quoted as saying in the New Delhi police commissioner B K Gupta, adsorbed on the Israeli Embassy in India, the car bomb size is less than the Pocket PC can be exploded within 3-5 seconds after placement. The investigation is currently screening the recent few months, the Immigration India Iranians and Lebanese students.

Alan Ba ​​Nuote the 德里普赖默斯 hospital doctors. He told AFP reporters,

Yitzhak Shu Hamu, Israel’s Ambassador to Thailand, 15 identified a close association of the three attacks.

Iran again denied the association

Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak, the Bangkok bombings characterized as

Terrorist attacks trying to manufacture in Bangkok once again show that Iran and its agents to continue to spread terror,

Iranian officials have refuted the Israeli side that on the 15th, Chen Yi Fang and the Bangkok bombings and the attacks on the Department of the Israeli self-directed and acted.

Iranian state television website quoted Foreign Ministry spokesman Lamine * 迈赫曼帕拉, Manchester, then reported the same day, the Israeli accusations aimed at the destruction of Iran and Thailand has a long history of friendly relations.

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Media: No breach of the rules of the game


AFP interpretation, The past two years, Duomingyilang nuclear scientist was assassinated, Iran has been identified by Israel as a

Another Israeli paper media reports over the past few months, attempted attacks against Israeli targets in Azerbaijan and Thailand more from. The report predicted that Israel might be subject to more attacks.

Israel’s Fishman wrote that these organizations may attack to stop the Israeli killing of Iranian nuclear scientists.


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