Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak that . Obama administration

BEIJING , February 23 , 22, according to foreign media reports , Israeli Minister of Finance尤瓦尔斯泰Martinez said the Iranian government is investing billions of dollars for the intercontinental missile research and development . The missile has a range up to 2400 km , covering Israel, Europe , and even the U.S. East Coast .
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Sitannizi : fitted with nuclear warheads , the United States and Europe probably will be facing a great threat . According to the Israeli understanding of the situation as soon as possible on Iran attack will be able to withstand any attack on Iran build a nuclear bomb , Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak that . Obama administration

hold a different view , insisting that Israel and the West there is still time , should try to stop Iran’s nuclear program through economic sanctions and public action .

reports that some nuclear experts believe that Iran has enough uranium to more than four bombs , but most experts believe that it uranium enrichment to the level required by the bomb needed a few months . In addition, Iran needs to manufacture a can be installed on top of its missile warheads . This process may take one to three years .


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