Underwater sound exploration and other high-tech rights

Japanese patrol vessels of more powerful development of our vessels a long way to go

From 18 to 23 this month, the East China Sea Corps maritime surveillance maritime surveillance 66 maritime surveillance 49 of vessel formation, to the East China Sea waters under the jurisdiction to expand the rights enforcement action on a regular basis, during which expelled the Japanese security survey ship of the Office of Akihiro

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Journey across in China, active in a little-known law enforcement teams, which is to complete the task the expelled Chinese maritime surveillance teams. In recent years, increasingly fierce competition for the delimitation of the international waters, the island’s sovereignty, resource exploitation. Severe marine situation, the Chinese maritime surveillance charged with the arduous task of safeguarding China’s maritime rights and interests of national security. To create a modern maritime law enforcement team is every Chinese, especially maritime surveillance by the pursuit of the goal. Today, let us approached the team.

Law enforcement field

Expelled in the East China Sea to monitor the two Japanese shipping

February 18, the East China Sea Corps

At 18:20 on the 19th, maritime surveillance 66

At that time, the sky dark, the target vessel can not image forensics, law enforcement officers immediately shouted to the target ship. Upon inquiry, was informed that the ship is attached to the Japan Coast Guard research vessel I then law enforcement officers to inform the ship, here is China’s jurisdictional waters, the Chinese government permission to conduct survey operations, requirements

The target ship then continue southeast to the voyage also found that the Japan Coast Guard in maritime surveillance 66 Subsequently, 66 maritime surveillance to maintain February 20 at 8 pm 15 minutes, the target ship to leave the waters under Chinese jurisdiction.

We stand

Opposed to taking unilateral action in the disputed waters

In the Foreign Ministry’s regular press conference on February 20, the spokesman Hong Lei China ocean surveillance ship activities in the East China Sea, Japan, tracking ship issued a warning regarding the Question and Answer, said China’s position in the East China Sea issue is clear and has always been opposed to any party to take any unilateral action in the East China Sea.

A reporter asked: Japan Coast Guard said, China ocean surveillance ship has issued a warning to the activities in the East China Sea, Japan tracking ship. Please confirm. Hong Lei: the overall situation.

Maritime surveillance cruise

Daily 9 enforcement vessels, more than four aircraft on duty

The Chinese maritime surveillance expelled the Japanese research vessel, the cruise again activism. Ocean surveillance team from the Corps of maritime surveillance, maritime surveillance Sea Corps (including the North Sea Corps, Corps East China Sea and South China Sea Corps), maritime surveillance of the coastal provinces (cities, districts) Corps detachment, battalion, composed of, the total number of 8,000 people, with a strong sea-air enforcement capability.

At present, China’s maritime surveillance in waters under the jurisdiction a day for nine enforcement vessels to Shanghai prison, four Shanghai monitoring aircraft in the frequency of sea duty, our country all the waters under the jurisdiction regularly Rights cruise enforcement.

Maritime surveillance tool

Underwater sound exploration and other high-tech rights

The high-tech Rights equipment is China’s maritime surveillance to maintain the weapon of sea power, including the search, evidence collection, interference and Antagonistic equipment. Such as advanced underwater acoustic detection search equipment, you can discover the foreign military tracking ship in China’s sea areas under the jurisdiction of detection operations, ship-borne optical forensics system full search of the 24 hours can be long-distance sea and air targets, monitoring and forensics, The radar system can be used to monitor the ship surrounding electromagnetic environment, intercepted by surrounding radar signal to confirm the target.

The use of real-time satellite transmission systems, and wireless audio and video transmission system, a real-time transmission of video, image and voice command network of digital communications equipment, ships, covering the entire Chinese waters.

Enforcement vessels at sea site of China’s maritime surveillance information collection is completed, through the communication network, the board information in real time back to the land-based command structure. The information collected by the optoelectronic platform on the plane, but also can use the wireless Figure pass transmission. Using a combination of the positioning information provided by the Compass Navigation Satellite System, can determine our latitude and longitude of the ship, so that the rear command issued in a timely manner related command.

Enforcement action

2006, organized by the East China Sea oil and gas exploration and development of special escort;

In 2007, two special enforcement operations carried out in the South China Sea;

And 2008, at or near the islands cruise the South China Sea Spratly Islands in the sand encroachment enforcement, the Diaoyu Islands cruise law enforcement, and the Olympic optical cable patrol and special enforcement;

-2009, To carry out special law enforcement escort of the Geological Survey in the South China Sea, the South China Sea southeast of survey operations special escort;

-2010, Special escort of a survey operations in China in the South China Sea waters, the Chunxiao oil and gas fields surrounding waters for patrol and law enforcement organizations a special escort to the development of offshore field operations.

Long way to go

Sino-Japanese maritime patrol boat competition

China the enforcement of the expulsion of the mission of the Japanese research vessel vessels in the maritime surveillance 66. 66 maritime surveillance As the ship is equipped with a series of advanced remote sensing and monitoring equipment, with the continuous tracking and forensics on the intrusion of foreign vessels.

With it to join the ranks of China’s maritime surveillance, maritime surveillance 50 The ship is the largest displacement and most advanced ocean surveillance ship with a displacement of 3980 tons bigger than the active duty military frigate, capable of carrying helicopters.

At present, China has more than 200 vessels of various law enforcement boats. Ocean surveillance ship is divided into 1,000-ton, 1500 ton and 3000 ton. Expected in the coming years, China’s ocean surveillance ship would add another 36, including 1500-ton 7, 14, 1,000-ton 15, 600-ton ocean surveillance ship.

However, we want to see, the Japan Coast Guard patrol vessels at sea more strong strength. First, the Japan Coast Guard has the world’s largest patrol boat, full-load displacement up to 7000 tons Shikishima. Secondly, a huge number, a total of 450 vessels, the PLH type patrol boats which can carry helicopters, 13 is slightly smaller displacement of the PL type patrol boat, are also more than 1,000 ton, the new vessels are helicopter landing deck.

Comparison, the Japanese side of the patrol vessels both in tonnage, mobility, confrontation gain some advantages. Therefore, from the patrol vessels, China’s maintenance of maritime rights and interests of the road a long way to go. (Zheng Wenhao)


Ocean surveillance ship speed low

Go to sensitive sea areas suffer

China’s maritime surveillance in recent years fielded several vessels kiloton enforcement vessels with marine law enforcement vessels, the overall tonnage of small, small number, unable to meet the requirements with a per thousand square kilometers of waters can not meet the the new era to protect our marine resources, the need to safeguard maritime rights and interests.

China Ocean News reported, especially the last two years, the East China Sea, South China Sea and other waters of the significant increase in disputes and confrontation, such as violation of our rights and interests of foreign research vessel, the Diaoyu Islands collision, sort of unexpected events such as the Bohai Sea oil spill, we need maritime surveillance enforcement to respond quickly to the boat the first time, but difficult to do this on the current ship force.

The collision occurred in the waters near the Diaoyu Islands in 2010, clearly demonstrate this point. After the collision, our government sent a fisheries enforcement vessel, but the fishery enforcement vessels to reach the waters of the incident, China knocked the fishing vessels and fishermen have been detained by the Japanese side, and fisheries enforcement vessel has been many times greater than its own Japan Coast Guard patrol boat surveillance and interference. It is because of the lack of a sufficient number of enforcement vessels of large tonnage, China can not be like the Japan Coast Guard as sensitive waters 24 hours a day patrol, encountered unexpected events is difficult to quickly respond effectively.


Maritime surveillance enforcement vessel

Should be more high-speed standard

To improve the capacity of the marine rights enforcement, China plans to build 36 marine law enforcement vessels in the next five years. With a new generation of marine enforcement vessels into the column, the ship strength of China’s maritime law enforcement will have a significantly improved in terms of overall tonnage, endurance, function.

Increase in the number, should also make high-speed enforcement vessels: a new generation of light ocean surveillance ship should have about 30 high-speed, so that in emergencies the first time in the field, control, deal with the situation; large and medium-sized the highest law enforcement boat speed should be around 25, should have at least 4500 nautical miles in the economic speed endurance, with the ability to cruise the whole area; standardization of enforcement vessels.

In addition, the law enforcement vessel of the next-generation maritime surveillance should have a universal standard platform, using the same or similar design, process and power, and according to the different needs of modular technological innovation, and to adapt to a variety of needs. Try to ship accessories simple, universal, in order to reduce the difficulty of maintenance, training and time.


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