then the next civil war will immediately stage a comeback.

Away remember Qaddafi died, cheering people, even those who claim the credit in the other side of the globe here, many people are shouting the end of an era of a hegemonic, to celebrate the victory of the opposition, there is no lack of continuous Posting , and even forged visits in the field and fabrication of a variety of stories to package their own people. As for Libya Gaddafi’s death look like, how the living of the people of Libya, they do not care about, because they have targeted Syria, pointing to the next one to use words to defeat the government.
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However, a few days before CCTV one news allows the author was shocked when the two tribes of Libya clashed again, causing many casualties. Sadly, this video news actually now still does not correspond to the version of the text, click-through rate is also only a handful, as if overnight, Libya has lost all interest. It seems that the spectators who originally interested in just Gaddafi’s life and death, they put the whole of Libya’s civil war as a movie to watch, the film must have good guys and bad guys, the evil guy must die, after the movie ended The stories do not need them to consider.

So, naturally no one will know that Gaddafi after the death of the Libyan tribes armed conflict continued, new resentment settle old scores, and there are seats and seize territory and carve up the interests of sub playing up. It is reported that this Libya two tribes since the 12th of this month, the outbreak of the bloody conflict in Ku Fula, 135 people were killed. The struggle between the senior administration side of the political struggle is more intense during the civil war, we are the opposition, civil war after the end of each forces are beginning to serve their own interests to fight, step down after another of the situation is beginning to show.

Chaotic situation, the resident reporter in an interview that: on the one hand, the tribal militants and militias in the last year, the struggle to overthrow the Qaddafi regime played an important role as capital to the government to ask for more power and interests , in the case of the government can not meet the requirements through the use of force from time to time to capture the sites and resources. Libyan tribes, on the other hand, many deep-rooted clan interests and contradictions between some of the tribes for a long time, now the lack of security systems, inter-tribal violence in the way to try to solve the problem.

But in fact, these conflicts are inevitable factors. I wrote in August, when the downfall of the Gaddafi Houkazhafei era Libya contradiction will become even more intensified, resolved within: the contradiction between the First picture of the oil resources of the tribal elite groups and the general public is difficult to reconcile the two is difficult to reconcile the contradiction between the tribes and tribes lost a tribal vote, and the third is the national interest interests is difficult to reconcile with the tribes, is difficult to reconcile national interests in Libya.

And these contradictions are a direct result of warfare today, even Libya, one year after the sound of the police and armed forces, the absorption of as much as possible the original opposition armed forces to become the government’s public officials, these contradictions still exist. More critical, the last civil war has been the interests of the force demands of the seeds planted for the people, the government in the distribution of benefits of the oil if the small tribes with oil, with the major tribes of the oil does not possess the major tribes of the oil any party to the ordinary people are dissatisfied, then the next civil war will immediately stage a comeback.

It can be said that Libya has now become dilapidated, but also the scholars said that depends on the status of the democratic developed countries, do not see a democratic transition countries. But in fact the Libyan torn democratic fig leaf, but the other tribes of a power struggle with the Gaddafi family, tribe melee only, not elegant, is not beautiful. These hand-held jasmine preacher naturally not tell you, according to the United Kingdom recently published research report, Libya is now more than one-third of people want to return to the era of rule of strongman politics, a lot of people for the democratic system do not trust.

In my opinion, those enthusiasts the moment faded so that Libya is even more bleak, and we sincerely hope that the Libyan people can live better, hope that the situation in Libya can gradually stabilize. But as long as those spectators who like to watch movies exist, hard to say Syria will be the next Libya.


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