from the point of view the intervention in Libya last year

Air Sea Battle, Once the war, Iran is likely to become the first block of experimental field.
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Since the outbreak of the The two countries conducted several military exercises targeted the U.S. aircraft carrier fleet access to the Persian Gulf, Iran to be outdone, stated intention to blockade the Strait of Hormuz, high-profile announcement of its nuclear technology breakthrough and interrupted oil to Britain and France and other countries exports, while warning the United States shall not use of force, but also forced the latter mean that before the return to the negotiating table.

These initiatives against Iran, the United States in the end what will happen to the cards it? Mainly depends on the following aspects: First, Israel’s attitude to the party believes that Iran is a nuclear weapon may be two or three years, which is very dangerous for Israel, Iraq has taken tough measures without delay; Second, U.S. domestic politics needs this year is an election year, Democratic and Republican parties will focus on Iran’s fierce battle; Third, the U.S. economic recovery, the United States is still suffering from the economic crisis plagued the domestic unemployment rate is high; Fourth, Iran’s policy direction , such as whether development of the country with nuclear weapons. Integrated current situation, the United States and Iraq have maintained restraint, they were not touched each other’s bottom line, there is no will negotiate the door locked. However, the haze of war is still enveloped in over the Persian Gulf, there is always the possibility of military conflict between the United States and Iraq.

In May 2010, the U.S. U.S. Air Force and the Navy signed a confidential memorandum, proposed joint development of new operational concepts. Shortly thereafter, the then U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates in a speech, initially confirmed the connotation of

Air Sea Battle, The first phase began in the outbreak of hostilities, including the four operational plan: First, to resist the first wave of attack, to reduce the extent of the damage from the army; enemy battle network launched the surveillance, reconnaissance and combat system, the implementation of repression; is to win and maintain the advantages of air, sea, system space and system network space. The second phase of the action is designed to support the United States to win the long-term conventional war: First, carry out a protracted war, including keeping and use of the initiative in various battlefield; Second, the implementation of the Remote blockade; is to maintain the logistical capacity; four The expansion of industrial production. The two stage is not necessarily a clear distinction between, some follow-up can be used as a continuation of the early action.

Strategic and Budgetary Assessments president Andrew Krepinevich authored

Any operational theory for the practice of war, operational theory, battle-tested after the more complete and efficient. To some extent, Air Sea Battle, However, this operational concept is more like for the Western Pacific region, tailored the U.S. military still want to be validated in the medium-scale military conflict, and continuous improvement. Only in this way, it may occupy a favorable position in the next higher level of military conflict.

Near several local wars, the opponents of the United States most of the strength of the flat, every war has emerged as a one-sided situation, did not cause too much challenge. In addition, from the point of view the intervention in Libya last year, the United States and its allies increasingly focused on the control of the cost of war is not to win regardless of the costs.

However, when faced with such an opponent in Iran, the United States directly copy the ideas similar to the Libyan war is obviously not feasible: First, Iran’s anti-American sentiment, is basically the same line, it is difficult to powerful armed opposition. Second, the large number of Iranian military weaponry, and just rely on the Therefore, the U.S. must re-enact the Iraq battle plan and strategy, once the war, Iran is likely to become one Air Sea Battle


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