Five conflict make the 2008 automobile market ups and downs

2008 is drawing to a close this year “conflict” constantly, so that the auto market ups and downs, it is difficult to forget.

PK output cut

In the second half of this year, many companies lowered their sales targets, at the same time, some enterprises in capacity strongly in the second, third factory (shop), construction is proceeding in an orderly manner … … the market today, the fast-changing, not increase, In the future may lose development opportunities; production, will face selling pressure.

The article said that there are: sales next year plans to allow manufacturers indecisive. Personal: changes in the background, after the sales goal, simply to the time period from one year turned into six months, or even a quarter.

PK original Chinese elements

In 2008, almost all of the new joint venture, the emphasis on international standards, into all the elements in China, is typical of the new Bora model, showing the foreign into the strong desire of the Chinese community. Consumers, for their own “tailor-made” products, but also things the United States. Chinese elements with the original combination of seemingly contradictory, in fact, is the internationalization of Chinese products, product localization of an international performance.

PK price cuts

This year, the first of raw materials, oil prices, increasing cost pressures, some automobile enterprises called for price increases, not to mention the price of imported cars, 000

Other models is really a disguised form of price increases. In the second half, the situation changed steep, with the raw materials, oil prices, along with one special event: the first quarter of snowstorms, earthquakes in the second quarter, the market fell in the third quarter and fourth quarter the impact of the crisis … … the voice of prices disappeared, along with Came another wave of price-cutting wave.

Of the price trend next year, it seems now that it is still a difficult mystery, on the one hand, the impact of the crisis still exists, the prices of raw materials, vehicle prices are falling trend; on the other hand, the same action to reduce the corporate sales objectives, to ease The over-supply of conflicts on the macro-stability in the price

Georgia. Conflict, in fact, the mainstream enterprise, and take drastic measures to enter the market, it is an opportunity, however, the market “balance” will be broken again, there will be a new round of reshuffle.

“Small Love” PK “great greed”

A very interesting phenomenon, in 2008, the popularity of car products, Book Blair, the new Fit hatchback, sedan … 207 … this month, as well as upcoming Rui-jing, a large number of products out car. This is shown by the manufacturers of compact car look forward to, regardless of safety or comfort, these products

Absolutely remarkable. With the implementation of fuel tax, it changes the concept of quality … … car, it will come to deserve.

And “Love Small” Correspondingly, the auto market there have been “great greed”, this year, or the replacement of generations level cars, almost all of widening and lengthening, at the same time, configuration, technology also A comprehensive upgrade, said: more like a high-level car you car. This “big corruption” to meet the high demand for car users, the market is doing so well. And in the previous generation product, a new generation of larger changes in the strict sense, has become a new product, so there two generations, three generations under one roof.

PK fell warmer

2008 auto market, in the first quarter of the growth in the second quarter, despite the impact of the earthquake disaster, or growth in the third quarter and fourth quarter, is

Down, down again, the nine silver ten did not see see gold silver.

There are two projections, one is: have to low, the time has come to warm, which is looking forward to the enterprise; another voice: the crisis has just begun and will continue to decline. Perhaps, in January of this year, in February the growth of high-speed situation, our expectations too high; in the second half of the decline all the way down, we expected and some low.

Chang Yanyue: a chaotic city of heroes, next year, the brave, strong, wise, is a golden opportunity.

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