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The jewelry examines Shi Nan cross high threshold it is known that must become a jewelry jade appraisal expert, not only need have the deep theoretical knowledge, but also needs to have the rich experience, was admitted to a school a qualifications card, but strides in the threshold’s first step. obtains this qualifications the human is called in the home the jewelry jade performance test teacher (CGC),Jewellery manufacturers
the qualifications card issues by the National Human resources department and the National Quality testing Bureau.

As the national first group of examination teacher, Guo Qinghong said that in 1997, our country carried on the first batch of CGC intelligence authentication, “the later two final exams one time, several years got down, the nation obtained the CGC qualifications the approximately 1200 people”. Inside this group of people, approximately 50% examine the survey station in each provinces and cities’ jewelry jade carving to be engaged in jewelry’s occupation appraisal work, but other enlivening in the business, become in the profession each company’s professional. The author from Guangdong Province quality monitoring bureau found that the entire Guangdong has the appraisal qualifications talented person through this test, approximately some 100 people,Tahitian Pearls
some 10 people are probably active are pawning the profession.

can which kind of person register for the human who “participates in the CGC test generally to divide into 3 kinds, one kind the human who is in the enterprise is engaged in the jewelry profession; One kind is in the school studies assiduously the jewelry jade specialized person; One kind is examines the examination personnel who the organization is engaged in this work.”The Guangdong Province quality monitoring bureau related public figures tell author, is high as a result of the technical threshold,Golden South Sea Pearls
but is engaged in this occupation the crowd to belong to the young audiences, therefore each time takes a test the capacity is 20%.

that which crowds can register for? “generally the degree which and the time which obtains according to the entrant is employed in this profession determines the test qualifications.”The Guangdong Province quality monitoring bureau related people in charge introduced that for instance obtained the jewelry jade (including geology class) the specialized specialized middle school record,discount fashion jewellery was engaged in the jewelry jade appraisal examination to work the full 5 years, or the non-this specialized specialized middle school record, was engaged in the specialized work full 7 years, might register. Moreover obtains overseas somewhat to have the authoritative influence association like Britain Gem Association (FGA) the credentials, may also register.

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