Cultural inheritance

The furniture design is with the graph (or model) and methods and so on writing showing, expresses furniture’s modelling, the function, the criterion and the size, the color, the material and the structure.

The furniture design is not only an art, is also an applied science. Mainly includes the modelling design, the structural design and the technological design 3 aspects. Design entire process including collection material, idea, plan schematic diagram, appraisal, test specimen,Artistic effects
re-evaluation, plan working drawing. A fine furniture (masterpiece) defines is: Continues is practical, is comfortable, is durable, it must be historical and the cultural inheritance.

National characteristic: In furniture design foundation world each nationality, because the different natural condition and social conditions’ restriction must form oneself unique furniture design the language, the custom, the morals, the thought that the value and the esthetic idea, thus forms the national unique culture. The furniture design’s national characteristic mainly displays in the design culture idea stratification plane, it can reflect directly the entire national the psychological general character, the different nationality, the different environment create the different cultural idea, directly or affects indirectly theirs furniture design style characteristic. the furniture design is not only the nationality, is also the time.

In a nationality historical development’s different period, this nationality’s furniture design can display the obvious historical characteristics,Tin Box
this is because the furniture design first is a historical development process, is this national each time design culture superposition and the contract, is take this time present the solid material society as the foundation, is traditional design culture accumulation with the unification of opposites which develops the good and discard the bad unceasingly, the historicity and the feasible unification of opposites. contemporaneity:

The furniture design’s trend of development in the economic globalization, technical swift development’s today, the social subjective form has had the radical change, particularly the information widespread high speed dissemination, in the opening idea is attacking the social structure, the value idea and the esthetic idea, between the country and between the country exchange, the person and person’s contact is day by day frequent, people the information today we are no longer as we have been which accepts from the world, social and person’s request is increasing unceasingly and changes.

Adds energy which, environment and ecology crisis the industry civilization brings, whether to adapt it, to use facing this all designers it,hotel interior design causes to design into the specific time the product, this has become now designer’s important task.

China’s history is glorious, furniture’s history is also glorious, the Xia Dynasty, Shang Dynasty and Zhou Dynasty time already started to have the box, furniture furniture and so on design cabinet, screen, but in the early furniture does not have the table, only then sits several documents which for the people the management, the diet and study depend on.

before Han Dynasty, the ancient sits, is putting on the take off your coat fat sleeve, has formed the written way which corresponding writes with the arm held in the air practices calligraphy with the elbow on desk and wrist raised wields the pen, long linearity’s several documents are to suit the bamboo slips expansion to be convenient with writing, carry the side disposition the bookshelf by the two-sided insightful blank space form constitution, convenient books’ taking, simultaneously establishes the long platoon oil lamp before several documents to provide needing of the illumination for the fan-shaped books, thus has formed China ancient times the specific written reading way.

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