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For a quarter of a century after the composer’s death, all of the furniture music pieces remained hidden from the general public, apart from being mentioned in early Satie biographies. By the end of the 1960s parts of the furniture music started to appear as facsimile illustrations to press articles and new Satie biographies. The first full publication of sets 1 and 3 followed in the early 1970s.Chinese type sofa
There was no full publication of the 2nd set before the last years of the 20th century.


Several decades after Satie’s death furniture music was revived, largely due to the American composer John Cage, as the composer’s theory of minimalist background music. Furniture music appeared as the launchpad for minimalist/experimental/avant-garde music since it was the first instance of music being played or produced out of context: not as a centerpiece but as a cerebral backdrop.

These and other related ideas were picked up by several composers of the neo-Classical/20th Century school of music, accentuating atmosphere and texture over traditional form and movement. The minimalist references and anachronisms weren’t solidified until composer John Cage performed Satie’s “hidden” piece Vexations 840 times as requested by Satie’s own scribbled notes on the original sheet music.

The hot summer day, needs to maintain besides the human, in family’s furniture must be used as some basis the maintenance, otherwise burning hot summer from now on, you will discover that the precious furniture will not be the distortion is damages. In the scorching sun day,Western design
the furniture is also undergoing the high temperature test. The high temperature, the moist weather as well as the air conditioning can cause the indoor temperature change to be oversized, will create the damage to the different material quality furniture, light, will then shed skin, the discoloration, the heavy piece will cause the inflation, the distortion. Therefore, must give the furniture in the summer “heat-protected”.

The intense sunlight perpendicular incidence, the frequent switch air conditioning create the temperature change is oversized, as well as too dry and the moist environment can create the damage to the lignin furniture, has the distortion, presents the dehiscence, the inflation phenomenon.

is the traditional padauk teak furniture specially, because it has the massive carving flowers, basically has not passed through the moisture content processing, easier expand with heat and contract with cold. Actually, regardless of being the solid wooden furniture or the composition material, in the summer must the special attention indoor temperature, the humidity change, as well as the intense illumination the damage which creates to it.

the suggestion places the position to the furniture to make the adjustment: Is far away from the air conditioning to blow the gusty area, avoids the sunlight perpendicular incidence, in the sunlight most intense noon, best draws in the window blind. Moreover, in the drawer,hotel interior design the sliding door edge and on the base chute spreads wax, can prevent because of with difficulty opening and closing which inflates causes; Puts some moth balls in a moister place, can prevent the insect to nip the food effectively.

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