Gross income proportion

Based on the same reason, the Wu Yangtze River also indicated that this year the LED illumination product income will occupy the thunder gentleman to illuminate the gross income proportion from last year’s 2% rises to 5%, will estimate in five years the LED illumination product income to account for the company gross income proportion to achieve 50%. present thunder gentleman to illuminate 70% about product conserves energy the lamp product. “in the attendance 5W led light bulb last year the price was more than 50 Yuan,Daylight lam
now dropped to 30 Yuan about.”

In the attendance electro-optical Chairman Li Xuliang pointed out that the passing domestic LED illumination product excessively has been high because of the price, but causes the market size to be too small, but the present domestic illumination market has raised LED to illuminate gradually the popular storm. German bold Run reached Chairman Wang Donglei also once to indicate at the beginning of this year, when the LED product and the energy conservation lamp product price margin only had 1.2 percentages, the LED illumination market will enlarge suddenly.

The illumination industry’s progress obtained through the exhibition has manifested, but we also saw through the exhibition in the present illumination industry has existed question. one of questions, LED becomes the illumination industry the hot spot to have many years, most recent several years external environment’s influence, the massive enterprises are involved the LED path lamps and lanterns’ development and the production, formed LED path lamps and lanterns to be hot, but the LED path lamps and lanterns specification was high,Projecting light
in lacked the research and in the understanding foundation, massive could not achieve the specification the LED path lamps and lanterns to enter the market, has caused many nonessential losses and the negative influence, also caused many LED path lamps and lanterns Production enterprise to lose seriously.

After blood’s lesson, the illumination Production enterprise tends a rationality in the LED path lamps and lanterns’ production aspect, this year in the exhibition the LED path lamps and lanterns display reduction showed this point.

But, illumination Production enterprise, although reduced the LED path lamps and lanterns’ production, actually changed the judgment the LED interior lighting, has formed a new bigger LED interior lighting heat, specially various exhibitors demonstrated the LED interior lighting product homogenization is serious, does not have the fresh idea. According to this if the tendency development, will have the part of LED interior lighting Production enterprise to step the LED path lamps and lanterns Production enterprise’s road to disaster again in the future.

second question, the majority of LED interior lighting product lacks the research, is only defers to traditional the illumination product to carry on the simple imitation. In January the author once had visited the Japanese LED international illumination exhibition, biggest feeling was Japan’s some enterprises is begins in the led illumination product development aspect from the foundation,hotel interior design like the radiation material, the heat conduction material, reflecting material’s research, like the optical lens, actuated power source’s design and so on, passed through proves repeatedly, experiments many times puts in again the product the market.

But our enterprise, in lacks the research not to have in the data situation, makes the illumination product to put in the market directly, makes the improvement through the application, not only causes to enter the market the LED illumination product the electro-optical parameter not to be able to meet the requirements, moreover the product quality is also irregular, the user will feel the LED illumination product effect in the use process not good and the quality is unstable, affects the user to use the LED illumination product the confidence, will promote in the future to the LED illumination product has the adverse effect.

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