big fragrance international

It is reported that the first China (Shenzhen) the big fragrance international oil painting reading extensively trade fair up to 2010 big fragrance international oil painting festival like a raging fire which holds in Dafen Town, the visit stream of people and business volume unusual hot.

Is been honored as “the Chinese oil painting first village” by the native Shenzhen Dafen Town is the national biggest commodity oil painting production trades the base, it is said every year volume of trade in one about hundreds million, moreover its staple market 70% in countries and so on overseas Europe and America. Such by the oil painting copy as well as the original reputation in outside,PURSUE RISES
in foreign smell ten full Dafen Town unexpectedly will present the tradition, the classical Song Dynasty antique, how that this will be called “the big fragrance first shop” the peaceful dragon room decorated corridor is appears, will sell antique some people will buy?

Has these questions, after the author visited the oil painting exposition, to squeeze through the human tide turbulent crowd, gives a route group according to the friend to seek. Passes through the downtown park the open-air cafe, after different models modern sculpture group photo, both sides the road stands in great numbers the time overflows the color each kind of style decorated corridor person to accept.

Until, between construction shop front in the style of antiquity, forceful vigorous “peaceful dragon room” under black shading and scarlet frame obviously elegant plain makings. Has the model Ming and Qing Dynasties furniture characteristic to hollow out the pattern double swing door, in the couplets on door is carving renowned calligrapher Lu Muxun impressively “for the Jinan life high boundary,hotel interior design
must read the social big article”, one “is Jinan”, “the big article” lets the human arise spontaneously the atmosphere, the smug mood.

Sees here, does not need to ask that the author knew this peaceful Long Zhaijiu was that has Song Dynasty antique valuable thing that decorated corridor, west its lofty plain elegant shop front overflowed with the street high light the color, to fill the foreign-tasting oil decorated corridor to distinguish.

Walks, in the door is the peaceful Long Zhai shop owner, the Shenzhen well-known artists, the painter-calligrapher, the prose poems Mr. Chen Shao kind antithetical couplet “sends the word mountain cape, to gather is mad between the white clouds”. Treated gate one row antiquely to put on to exhibit each kind of ancient times Mei Ping, the inkslab, the tea set, the bottle gourd bottle bell bottle and so on each kind of collection antique.

These have in the fable Song Dynasty antique valuable thing? Peaceful Long Zhai the sales clerk tells the author, not is the Song Dynasty antique,rate goes
but also has other dynasty, is in the majority by the Ming and Qing Dynasties.

But the peaceful Long Zhai treasure of market town is the Song Dynasty Baiyu long blunderbuss bottle, renowned painter Qi Baishi “Shrimp Interest”, picture horse first ancestor Xu Beihong “Pushes to the front” as well as various provinces artist president’s calligraphy works.

The collection experts said that the world your kiln chinaware total quantity does not surpass 70, but peaceful Long Zhaijiu has several, may see this peaceful Long Zhaiyi “north Rong Bao, south the peaceful dragon” the foothold antique not at to have unearned reputation.

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