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The other day, a piece of furniture profession’s creating a false impression news became the focal point which the people paid attention. CCTV “Each week Quality Report” reported that called self 100% Italy produce originally the Da Vinci furniture is a suspect to create a false impression, it quite partial products are from Italy, but is the Guangdong Dongguan;

These furniture leave port from China transport to Italy, ships back China again from Italy, then changes the body 100% Italy which said for the Da Vinci company original installation ‘ the international super brand ‘ the furniture. But observes the understanding according to reporter,Green illumination
such situation is not also rare in the Nanjing furniture market.

Many years are engaged in one which the furniture sells on commission to occupy person in charge Yu Weijun to tell reporter, have used all might in the furniture market many year he, when face in the Nanjing furniture market some high prices ‘ import the furniture ‘, also difficult to distinguish the truth. ‘only if is participates in Milan furniture exhibition frequently and so on international furniture exhibition’s brand, Arts exhibition otherwise, is really starts without knowing where to begin. ‘international super brand.

In the Da Vinci furniture has some so-called fine manual crafts to refer to by CCTV for the machine manufactures. One of chaotic elephants: The brand ‘ the foreign style ‘ the price is high Recently by CCTV to make public Da Vinci furniture, obviously was the domestic plant production, transports returns to the home again to the overseas extension, becomes with the domestic furniture market development present situation is similar, the Nanjing furniture market very not mature, is not very at present standard.

The Northern Europe character and style furniture and NATUZZI a sofa Nanjing dealer’s yellow surname person in charge told the reporters, hangs ‘ foreign ‘ to sell the national products the phenomenon to be very common. ‘said that the import brand the furniture, is the domestic small factory production, but has put on the body ‘ the western-style clothing’.

If you have interest,Electric power
may search in the network, the so-called import brand English website does not have continually. ‘ It is not willing to disclose that the name professional told the reporters, he acts some brand furniture, cost, so long as 2000 Yuan/mattresses, because has hung the foreign brand, the sale price can soar to 8000 Yuan/. But the same level scale’s domestically produced brand, the selling price are most in one 4,000-5,000 Yuan.

Second chaotic elephant: Import brand background multi- ‘actually, in the Nanjing market said at present the import in the furniture brand, typical imported goods several, many have not been the flickering common people’s false foreigners. ‘Yu Wei handsome said during the interview that has many so-called import furniture is in the overseas registration brand, the product in the home production,Green illumination
in this kind of product some are the import raw material which, the design uses carry on by the overseas designer;

But also has the very major part, the design is the domestic designer does, raw material is also the domestic purchase, has only hung a foreign name. It is known that but also has some so-called import furniture, gave the foreign name, adds on the US, France, Germany again before the name ……

As if like this can the sale price multiply, but these furniture from the brand, the design, raw material to the production manufacture, complete are actually the native place. ‘the reason that these brands do this, is to satisfy the partial consumer non-rational expense psychology.Ultraviolet ray
Many consumers ‘ worship foreign countries constantly curry favor with foreign powers’, thought that overseas certainly is good, this lets some good faith business not have an opportunity.’ Third chaotic elephant:

Mattress randomly especially really Reporter discovered in the investigation that the false foreigner’s phenomenon is especially serious in the mattress. Yu Wei disclosed handsome to reporter that has many mattress brands, is Chinese own enterprise obviously, must give a foreign name, suspends foreign old person at the exhibition hall entrance, promotes own brand image by this. ‘some brand previous two years reported by the human, between a night, in front of all brand name ‘ France ‘ completely under. ‘

Yu Weijun said that after that many furniture businesses standard brand propaganda sentence, but in the mattress class, hit the foreign given name brand also to have many. ‘the furniture is which national production is actually unimportant, more importantly your product quality is really good, the design idea suffices, whether genuine materials.

So long as has the strict quality to control the system, China produces the mattress is not necessarily good. ‘Yu Weijun said that the spring mattress always did not stress he is the American brand, but is only the emphasis fine quality, the consumer purchases each bed spring mattress’s product can know clearly the habitat is Japan, the US or China. ‘their status do not dare the brand which acknowledged that how do you also believe its quality?’

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