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Three win effect the furniture is originally not the family installs company’s management content, furniture’s choice often is consumer their matter. However, puts on makeup today which in the style repairs strikes root in the hearts of the people more and more, how to cause the furniture and the repair style necessary, receives people’s enormous attention, this installed the company to the family to sell the furniture to bring the new opportunity.

industry the peak was precisely holds this kind of “one-stop” work style to buy the uneven expense tendency, after used successfully “the peak standard collected” the conformity building materials brand, also the antenna has put in the furniture domain.price’s growth
Industry the peak furniture digit demonstration hall, has the consumer, the furniture manufacturer and the family installs the company three aspects to benefit “three wins the effect”, this is the solid foundation which this service can promote. regarding the consumer, through the electron demonstrated that the hall buys the furniture, may economize, time-saving, is free from worry.

Industry the peak has carried on the preelection for the customer to the furniture, each variety is prepared, does not need to arrive sells in the field in the fog to look at the flower greatly, moreover furniture which designated in here, regardless of entity shop purchase, depending on the payment contract may be employed the peak to receive 3% cashes to return.

Regarding the furniture manufacturer, does not need to pay any cost nearly to be possible to obtain a marketing channel, moreover the family installs company’s customer to be numerous, concentrates the furniture brand are few in the digital demonstration hall, is selected very easily, the rate of transaction enhances greatly. Installed the company regarding the family, not only has extended the service,rational discrete
moreover the sale which provided through the furniture factory returns to the spot, Ming Zhengyan along the place repays the designer and the staff, increased their income, the strengthened company operation transparency and the flow standardization.

Conformity industry chain does an enterprise whether sustained development, first need to look whether to have a good pattern. As first batch enters industry the peak furniture digit demonstration hall brand, goes forward furniture Beijing Corporation general manager to open the cultural federation opposite party to install the company to develop the furniture service this innovation pattern to favor, “regarding our kind in Beijing too many demonstration shop’s brand, industry families and so on peak has not installed company’s effective customer, can give our sale to provide the best channel”.

Each sells the field in Beijing to be equipped with many exclusive agencies greatly the model furniture Beijing general agent leaf courage to think that this kind of pattern is the traditional channel’s effective supplement, “who doesn’t come, quite in lost the family to install company this channel”. Zhang Jun indicated that in the future will make the furniture product “the mold”, the conformity to the design proposal, the consumer can real-time see the furniture combines the family is any appearance.

Obviously, the furniture sale already is integrated by industry the peak “hundred city hundred shops 10,000,000,000” in the developmental strategy. “industry the peak innovation ” the peak standard collects ” the pattern, is designs the advanced pattern which the consultation,false impression the principal sale, the repair construction merge into one organic whole. Now expands the business scope to the furniture sale, the true “one-stop” work style solution, is to entire lives at the industrial chain’s conformity.”Zhang Ren so appraisal industry peak furniture digit demonstration hall significance.

Wu is popular, then believed that industry the peak founds the furniture digit demonstrated the hall gathered the science and technology, IT, the energy conservation, to reduce characteristics and so on row, low cost, the threshold is not high, will be installed by the numerous families the enterprise to imitate inevitably, but will imitate the innovation which and surmounting brought will impel the profession the benign development.

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