moreover chooses

Clings the nape of the neck the multi-level collars is very fashionable, but atmospheric single unit, but frequently because of will match the question will appear uncouth, therefore, will grasp this model of necklace’s characteristic, will be very useful to and matching;

· nape of the neck short you: Control in three, moreover chooses encirclement the length which encircles in the nape of the neck bottom quite to be suitable as far as possible;satin ribbon
· nape of the neck long you: The choice scope is very broad, now chooses an attractive necklace to decorate your slender beautiful neck;   Modelling suggestion

The virtuous young woman makings, 3 big tidal current choice technique you like the virtuous young woman makings? Do not it with submissive, gentle honest and so on obsolete phrase relate again in together. The virtuous young woman, first is contact time lets opposite party be very comfortable, has individuality charm MM only then to call “the virtuous young woman” ……

May be a long necklace folds builds, may be the different material quality necklace folds builds, the final effect completes the optional romantic feeling;   · nape of the neck short you: Lets the long version be longer as far as possible,long female
the density combination elongates the face line by a bigger spacing;   · nape of the neck long you: Terse and forceful, was inferior that lets beautiful fold builds the necklace to become you gorgeously “the collar”;

Modelling suggestion   The rock and roll element, makes the cowboy new influence under rock and roll unrest lead, more cowboys are contained splendidly in which, the rivet, the metal chain as well as leather splicing enable the cowboy autumn to become in the outstanding lead, the comfortable cowboy who, US’s western cowboy New York sends, the numerous styles may refer for you and use for reference.

Returns is also most radically the safest material quality: Silver. Does not make widely known the ray, the brief smooth line and the design feeling, are likeds at first sight really;   ·

nape of the neck short you: The choice modelling long hangs falls matches V character collar, very woman, also lets the facial features seems more exquisite fine; hotel interior design
· nape of the neck long you: Full clear will hang falls will give you to increase one to be mischievous and to be full, will be more lovable.   Modelling suggestion

The magnificent dance step, an achievement lofty aristocrat wind generation of beautiful woman fine valuable hundred year birth, six big beautiful women restore the old gracefully dress up follow the classics, drags the long skirt, the complicated chignon, the dark ink serious wound black and white only then does not pass the unrest.

The classics are not that senseless body which the decoration can wrap, but lets the human fondly remember that one wipes the elegant demeanor, is been graceful oneself, is patrols beside annual ring game’s comfortableness.

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