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It is estimated that along with will conserve energy the lamp and the LED market further expansion, Foshan illuminates the growth potential still to be in the future strong. Looks at the layout Leading enterprise long-term The silver leapt perspective wealth news analyst Sun Xudong to analyze the LED profession development potential, he pointed out that along with LED illumination’s comprehensive popularization time’s coming soon,energy efficiency
estimated the global LED industry output value will amount to 20,800,000,000 US dollars in 2011, the yearly rate reaches 38%; in 2012 will amount to 30,000,000,000 US dollars, the yearly rate over 40%; in 2013 will have the opportunity to challenge 50,000,000,000 US dollars critical junctions, the yearly rate will reach above 60%.

Some signs indicated that in 3-5 years, LED will illuminate the true substitution tradition illumination time to next approach, by that time, LED will enter everyone the market condition to consummate basically. The LED profession will certainly to experience mammoth mixes the cards, the market reorganization movement.

At present the investor regarding the domestic LED To be listed’s choice, the most important question which must consider is, 3-5 years later,topology provides when LED profession completely marketability, and faced with mixes the cards, layout these in the domestic manufacturer’s steep competition and the overseas giant’s suppression pushes aside under the inside and outside dual pressures survives the company which gets down. At present, has cut into to the LED obvious domain same side stock, Leading enterprises and so on Australian ocean Shunchang obtains hopefully sends the superiority first, thus enjoys the industrial cake which smoothly continues to grow high.

Except the illumination beside, Sun Xudong pointed out that the LED industry in domains and so on intelligent handset, plate computer has the widespread application.

Along with intelligent handset, plate computer prosperous as well as the LED liquid crystal penetration coefficient’s fast promotion, the LED back light will become the impetus short-term LED market explosive growth the prime motors. Risk The price is high, and the threshold is low Although the market prospect looks like is very beautiful, but from the anticipated advantage as good produces as the reality energy, then reflection to secondary market, still had many risk factor existence. Tian Bosheng believed that at present conserves energy the illumination and the LED profession has many problems;

first, conserves energy the lamp and the LED illumination price is high, the industrial development speed is lower than anticipated; Second, the illumination profession standard is chaotic, enters the threshold to be low; Third, lacks the core technologies, innovation ability is insufficient, LED product good and evil intermingled. These questions are the risk which the layout energy conservation illumination and the LED profession need to pay attention, the investor carry on time the operation must treat discretely.

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