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backpacks are prohibited into the New Year’s Eve celebrations area.

Wednesday, January 4th, 2012

Xinhua News Agency reporters Zai Shi and Bao Guangchang interview that New York has been heavily armed police patrolling around in Times Square , and more police cars parked in the vicinity of Times Square on standby . The tower stands tall police station , real-time monitoring of the streets of Times Square all the latest developments. Isolation barrier has also been piling up in the street for more than 31 streets of Times Square the night of martial law to prepare .

New York Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said , although so far there is no terrorist threat on the evening of 31 any precise information, but New York police still vigilant and strengthen police deployment. More than 1,500 police will be stationed around in Times Square , ready to respond to emergencies . At the same time , any liquor , parcels, backpacks are prohibited into the New Year’s Eve celebrations area.


Middle East analysts have pointed out that over the years

Friday, December 30th, 2011

Israeli warplanes today bombed the central and northern Gaza , and threatened to Gaza water and electricity .

According to Voice of Israel reported that Israeli reconnaissance aircraft bombed this morning at the Nuseirat refugee camp in central Gaza, a goal a few minutes later , army an F16 fighter jets bombed a target in northern Gaza , Hamas in Palestine , but I do not know casualties . The Israeli military said the bombing of Gaza , is the control of extremist militants of Hamas in Gaza to Israel early morning of 26 Ash Cole areas rocket retaliation . Reported that Israeli warplanes hovered over the Gaza Strip is still under surveillance , looking for new targets.

According to Israel’s Ynet news report, Israel’s Deputy Defense Minister Ayalon 26, issued a statement , in view of Hamas militants continued attacks on Israel , and Palestinian National Authority and Hamas on the formation of new Palestinian government has reached an agreement this will make the Palestinian Authority into a terrorist organization , Israelis and Palestinians to reach a peace agreement was not possible, .

Middle East analysts have pointed out that over the years , Israel has been the implementation of the Gaza siege and blockade , once Israel’s blockade of Gaza to increase the intensity , water and electricity, Gaza would fall into a serious humanitarian crisis.


extracted from the cell phone number and e-mail call .

Tuesday, December 20th, 2011

BEIJING, Dec. 20, according to foreign media reports, the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) on Monday Apple HTC patent lawsuit verdict , found a HTC smart phones Apple patent infringement , ruled April 19, 2012 HTC officially from the date of export ban . This decision makes the HTC patents in this war have been thwarted .

In July this year , ITC judge the launch HTC Android smartphones infringing Apple patents. But in the final decision, reduced the number of infringing a patent , and patent and the use of information extraction and information related to , for example, extracted from the cell phone number and e-mail call .

In this regard, an Apple spokesman reiterated the company said in a statement made ​​earlier this regard , competitors should create their own technology , not to steal Apple ‘s technology .

However, HTC said in a statement that its ruling The statement also said the company will soon launch new mobile phone , bypassing the patent infringement limited impact on the company .


a detailed account of his .

Monday, December 19th, 2011

Beijing Yaohao policy implementation vehicle for almost a year , the Beijing Office of the small passenger car index -control management data , applicants from the initial 20 million to nearly 80 million people now , in the ballot from the initial ratio of 1: 10 about 1:40 into the present .

Gaosuibuyou Thailand a

Reporters unannounced visits found that Introduced , the reporter would like to know the name of investment intermediaries send him , trying to uncover the operation of various aspects of black chain mystery .

Send him to attend to bite , quickly took out a clip from the purse and a stack of documents.

There are two folders yard Da identity ,

Send him to say , as long as willing to pay, through his relationship , so that car brand .

The pile of stamped seal Hebei Yongqing civil court ruling and other documents , it is send him to the

The evening of December 8 , North to the bridge near a hot pot , a Jumping steam table before send him to a rock not to buy a car license plate number , but suffer from the customer , a detailed account of his .


On the The responsibility of the person who is the political responsibility or legal liability

Wednesday, December 7th, 2011

Address the > Last September, a sensation caused by self-immolation due to demolitions, Jiangxi One year, sources said, because This message was recently confirmed the Organization Department of Fuzhou City, Jiangxi.

according to the local response, regardless of times back and the appointment is based on the needs of both the performance of the work and expertise, and in strict accordance with relevant regulations, to perform the relevant procedures.

these years, the administrative accountability system progresses, some officials to be accountable for negligence. In an open, transparent and fair under the premise of accountability of officials to be back on the old right of new jobs is an improvement.

But clearly, this process must be open and transparent, stand the test. It was noted that from the .

not blame the media are all reasonable and legitimate, but in turn, to enhance the persuasiveness of cadres back, digestion of the negative influence of public events, we must dispel all doubts from the public and win a favorable public opinion environment . This is the central requirement of administrative affairs to do today, On the The responsibility of the person who is the political responsibility or legal liability? Officials accountable for mistakes made during the period without a deep understanding … These are also to be a clear statement to the public, and thus gain more understanding and support.

Left the transparency, the lack of visibility in the organization, will provoke doubt, in terms of cadres, inevitably unclear. Unfortunately, many cadres of the back, often discovered by accident, the result is caused by the natural habit of doubt, the opposite of conjecture. We appointed the ordinary cadres have strict procedures for public notice, public events to be held accountable for those cadres, because of its high degree of social concern, should be back to meet the public’s right to know and supervise.

Central Committee has repeatedly stressed that the fundamental purpose of administrative accountability to strengthen the administrative supervision, improve the government executive power and credibility. Increasingly the norm in the administrative accountability of today, the quality of cadres back is directly related to the effectiveness and accountability of the executive mind. Address the Fan Zhengwei


inventory beverage market . The province at all levels of industry and commerce

Tuesday, December 6th, 2011

Changchun Maid milk poisoning case recognized as placing dangerous substances

Changchun Maid milk poisoning incident, the provincial government , Changchun municipal government attaches great importance to the people ‘s lives and safety of a highly responsible attitude and immediately launched the emergency plan , to treat the patient , in-depth investigation cause of the incident , a comprehensive investigation , inventory beverage market . The province at all levels of industry and commerce, quality supervision , pharmaceutical , health and other departments to act quickly , the beverage with a large batch of carpet products, investigation , inspection . Up to now, into the province of the beverage market with the batch have all the shelves , sealed . Quality supervision , health and other relevant departments of the shelf storage products for testing , not detected pesticide ingredient . Meanwhile, Coca-Cola produced in Changchun other drinks market sampling , pesticide residues were not detected .

Reporters learned from the police department , through technical inspection and reconnaissance survey , the initial recognition , Public security departments at all levels attach great importance to the case . Ministry of Public Security sent seven experts to guide the detective work of our province , the provincial Public Security Bureau and head of the principal leaders of leaders personally took command of the Provincial Public Security Bureau and the Changchun City Public Security Bureau set up a joint task force , dispatched elite police force , to carry out diligent work. The case is further investigation.

According to the news from the health sector , 28 November, the current state of stable patients with poisoning is getting better, stable condition . Changchun City, and by monitoring medical institutions across the province , there was no such poisoning cases occur .

legal representative

Tuesday, November 29th, 2011

WASHINGTON major public projects, participate in disaster relief fund-raising in the future are expected to embrace third-party certified public accountants of the special audit, to the public.

Yesterday, the Ministry of Civil Affairs announced on its official website with the Ministry of Finance jointly developed Notify the proposed implementation date for the January 1 next year.

accordance with the have the authority to employ qualified accounting firms for this unit of financial accounting audit reports and related information, and shall disclose the financial accounting and audit reports, accept social supervision. In addition to the provisions of

before the annual audit, (legal representative) and outgoing (Council) general audit, the year fund-raising total income or total expenditure of 1 / 10 of the major public projects, in dealing with natural disasters and other emergencies need to carry out fund-raising activities after the end of the registration authority should be submitted to the CPA by the special audit report, and to the public.

the same time, in order to avoid an audit frequency of strengthening foundations and public organizations that bear the financial burden, provision of public audit services; the same time open and transparent financial management, public operation of the project specifications excellent foundations, civil affairs departments at the registration authorities can reward form, in full or in part, bear the audit costs.


donations collected whereabouts repeatedly questioned

Wenchuan earthquake, foundations and public organizations, financial disclosure, transparency, the focus of public attention. However, China only scattered rules, regulations, requirements for foundations or public audit organization’s financial situation.

example, in 2008 promulgated the

However, the audit scope, content is open, audit requirements, and audit sources of funding, are not complete, uniform regulations. In recent years, many large foundations because of donations of money and financial condition opaque, highly questionable.


1 charity special audit institutionalized

) 1 / 10 or more, or lasts longer than 2 years of major public projects; for their participation in dealing with natural disasters and other emergencies need to carry out fund-raising activities, are required in the project (activity) after receiving the special audit of registered public accounting firm and to the public upon request.

Interpretation: charitable contributions in the public information director Song Information Center were co-introduced a special audit of the public the concept of charitable organizations, from the 2008 earthquake, they will propose, but has been the civil sector as the requirements of registration authority . Wenchuan earthquake fund-raising situation, many times for special audit. But as it relates to departments, agencies and organizations are too complex, the overall situation has not yet been released. The notice may be regarded as a national project to be of major public interest to do special audit for the first time institutionalized requirements.


passport. Buy tickets for children traveling without children

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011

How to buy tickets, tickets, Meal, refund? Detailed Internet train ticket national rail

all End of this year, the national railway tickets for all trains will implement the Internet.

ordinary train ticket to achieve the Internet, the vast majority of travelers still a novelty in terms of how online reservations, tickets, refund, Meal, and online booking will be No scalping to ticket brokers left loopholes doubt, the railway department officials of the interpretation.

tickets: to provide valid identification information, valid ID card information. Valid identity documents, including: identity, Mainland Travel Permit for Hong Kong and Macao residents, Mainland Travel Permit for Taiwan Residents, passport. Buy tickets for children traveling without children, for valid ID, adults should use effective peer identification information.

website at ticket pre-sale tickets should be in the period, and not later than 2 hours before driving, and the payment of the prescribed period of time to complete online payment.

passenger trips on the Internet find the tickets, if the display payment, or seats will be automatically released to other passengers.

passenger trips and personal information is correct, you can submit the order, and then enter the online payment page to pay the fare. Successful, the system will provide mobile phone tickets, e-mail to the paid information to the SMS, e-mail notification ticket buyer. If generations tickets, tickets shall promptly notify the occupant, and keep the relevant information.

to note that a valid ID card the same date the same trips by car can only buy a ticket, unless it is purchasing tickets for children of adult identity.

tickets: check the identity information to exchange tickets

Currently, only the Beijing-Tianjin intercity high-speed railway and Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail along the stand out of the station can be identified by second-generation ID card, no need for paper tickets, so successful in the online ticketing, the vast majority of travelers went to the station should be in the car in exchange for paper tickets. In addition, if part of the scope of concessions, such as children’s tickets, student tickets, disabled soldiers (police) discount ticket, it should hold an appropriate certificate in the car before taking paper tickets.

tickets, the tickets for the former, if the valid ID card is lost, the car himself or an agent holding valid identity documents to the original railway station car security system to permit the mouth, set out for the original purchase effective use of the occupant of the temporary identification information identification.

particular attention is the changing of votes submitted valid identification information, order number, etc. to be verified the same, only to change votes; inconsistent, not-for-votes. Student, disabled soldiers (police) discount ticket price concessions while checking (to be) certificate. For students to vote, they should subtract the number of concessionary travel.

paper ticket coupon purchase set out to use when traveling with an effective ID card number and name, and marked

altered tickets, refund: 2 hours before driving for

passengers booking online success, take a paper ticket before, if you want a refund, Meal, still at Web site operation, but not later than 2 hours before driving, or directly to the station ticket window for altered tickets, refund. If you have access to the paper tickets, the station can only handle the altered tickets, a refund.

altered tickets new ticket fare is higher than the original ticket, the fare difference when you need to make up revenue, should be used when using the purchase card or bank online banking functionality with other bank cards to pay the full ticket new ticket section, the provisions of the original ticketed by the issuing bank to return the original credit card.

refund or altered tickets new ticket fare is lower than the original ticket, the refund shall be provided by the issuing bank to use when returning tickets bank card.

In addition, the refund site, the need to refund fee reimbursement vouchers, and tickets should be used with a valid ID in the original refund within 10 days from the date (including day) to obtained from the station refund window.

whether for online booking ticket brokers will leave questions vulnerabilities scalping, the railway department officials said that as the online ticket booking to verify the identity information, the next step, the railway will improve ticket real-name system management system, strengthening real-name ticket system, ticket, tickets as soon as possible to expand the scope of the implementation of real-name system, strict internal railway ticketing management, to crack down on illegal reselling tickets.


including the U.S. Department of Energy and NASA

Monday, November 21st, 2011

NetEase reported November 17 to explore the British media, according to news: an international team of scientists that capture solar power from space, then the energy through the wireless transmission back to Earth is a cost-effective way of generating electricity to meet the world’s electricity needs. They are the laboratory by means of a series of technical research and development, the use of satellites in orbit to capture solar power, and then back to Earth. The idea that in 10 or 20 years have the technical feasibility, or less in 30 years time (or 20 years) with economic feasibility.

International Academy of Astronautics: Space solar power a significant

the Paris-based International Academy of Astronautics Research Group, said: in the 21st century to meet the global demand for energy to play an important role. solar power collected in space and then transported by way of wireless energy transfer to the international assessment of the feasibility of the Earth.

researchers said the government should invest in the idea to use solar energy in space a reality. Because of uncertainty in the economy, private sector funding alone is difficult to do this. Study indicated that the government and the private sector should increase investment, support for researchers to explore the economic feasibility of this idea. Due to continued reliance on a limited and polluting fossil fuels, mankind’s energy future challenges. In this case, the development of solar energy technology has been imperative.

yet researchers assessed the cost of building the space station

researchers did not assess the cost to build solar power stations in space. Some scientists said the use of space solar power to meet global energy demand is a potential long-term solution. According to scientists, the idea of ​​a first specific implementation of solar power satellite into orbit above the equator, and then continue to launch these satellites, space stations constitute the group. The width of each solar station will reach several kilometers, can capture the sun 24 hours a day.

ground solar panels to convert sunlight into electricity, the capture efficiency of solar power stations up to only half the space. Satellite capture of solar energy will be converted into electrical energy, and then transmitted through a large microwave antenna or laser delivery to any region on earth grid. Skeptics point out that this idea is doomed bankruptcy, at least substantially reduce the cost of commercial power station into orbit before the case. In addition to higher costs, create barriers to the space station including space debris and the lack of relevant market research.

this study conducted from 2008 to 2010, to accept peer-reviewed research papers. Research indicates that use of space solar business prospects continue to improve, in part because the government encourages the development of clean green energy technologies. Mankins said the verification scale trial of this technology will be comparable to 400 tonnes of the International Space Station, the use of R & D for other low-cost space exploration rocket into orbit.

According to the research team estimated that the development has launched full-scale commercial solar power satellite capacity, and low-cost reusable launch vehicles requires tens of billions of dollars. In order to implement this huge project, the government space agency, business, universities and NGOs need to work together to make the necessary research and development. Over the past 10 years, because of concerns about future global oil production and other fossil fuels production will peak and decline in the international community to build more and more interest in improving the space station.

optimistic assumptions: 20 years, commercially viable

order to meet the energy demand and stimulate economic development and reduce fossil fuel greenhouse gas emissions, many countries in the development of new energy technologies. Study how solar energy has been 40 years of space history, including the U.S. Department of Energy and NASA, including a range of agencies have carried out such research. In September, the U.S. and India business, policy and national security analyst research team called the US-India cooperation in the development of space solar power station for the feasibility study. Goal of this project are: commercially viable within 20 years.

Zhezhi research team from the U.S. Council on Foreign Relations and co-sponsored by A Sipeng India Institute members include former U.S. Director of National Intelligence Dennis Blair and former Indian ambassador to the United Na Leishi Charles de. Imagine coming home the Air Force chief, Alabama Maxwell Air Force Base, Center for Strategic and technical Colonel Michael Smith said: the need for cooperation, expand research in this area.

Italian car design dream of the sixties

Friday, March 27th, 2009

The use of star-engine car! ? Like water droplets car! ? Hammer, the same car! ? UFO the same car? All of these fantastic, fun, awesome cars gathered in one, which is being held in Turin, Italy “World Design Capital” exhibition – a collection of Italian people near the sixties to the forty wonderful variety of works.

Here on display are the majority of concept cars and prototype vehicles. For cars more cars, I always have an extraordinary love. When the distinctive style and technology do not have to contact those astronomical prices in general, they represent only the design of rich imagination and great inspiration. Although these cars almost never be in volume production, and even there is lot of cars we may have missed a lifetime to see the kind, but may wish to take advantage of the exhibition’s look at these representatives of the dream machine design, learn about the history of these dust-laden car . A glimpse of their little-known story.

The exhibition, only to come to China once one is designed by Pininfarina Maserati Birdcage 75th anniversary of the Memory car.
Name derived from the Maserati Birdcage 60′s classic car. Although it shall aim at winning the Le Mans racing because eventually the reliability of the reasons NOT to win at Le Mans, but at 60 years and 61 years at Nurburgring 1000KM race twice for Maserati won the honor.