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Cool Rand Road, Chak unique “four-wheel-drive King”

Friday, February 27th, 2009

Since December 2, 2007 in China since its listing, LAND CRUISER 200 Rand Road, Chak Cool Chinese automobile market has been much concern and the focus of popular models. This is a pure descent have a cross-country vehicle, by virtue of the original rough and bold and wild as well as complete upgrade luxury degrees, LAND CRUISER 200 Rand Road, Ze Cool Chinese automobile market in 2008 to become a unique “four-wheel-drive King” won wide praise. It is also a result, many automotive professional media and authorities by the end of 2008 Coincidentally, both types of awards will be presented one after another LAND CRUISER 200 Rand Road, Chak Cool: Sina’s “annual SUV” prize; “fashion car” and “ten Great fashion models “award;” Chinese Auto Bild “and” the annual cross-country vehicles “award;” four-wheel-drive志”Second Annual Top Ten Award four-wheel-drive SUV again awarded the” best four-wheel-drive “… …
Such excellent results and many behind the natural glory of the vast number of consumers and professionals a high degree of recognition and affirmation. Born in 1951 has been its outstanding LAND CRUISER adoption, durability and reliability of consumers around the world to win the high praise. LAND CRUISER 200 Rand Road, Chak cool as LAND CRUISER series of new models, inheriting a Department of LAND CRUISER vehicle unmatched off-road tradition, the new configuration also highlights the drivers leisurely, carefree dripping; luxury degrees is a comprehensive breakthrough in the past, standards, felt sense of superiority to allow motorists to enjoy respect.

LAND CRUISER 200 Rand Road, Chak cool though continue to adopt a 4.7L V8 Engine (2UZ), but used new VVT-i (intelligent variable valve timing system) technology can be by adjusting the compression ratio to ensure that the engine output power can be improved significantly and has excellent fuel economy. In addition, the new 4.0L V6 VVT-i 1GR engine further enriched LAND CRUISER 200 Rand Road, Chak cool the merchandise line, provides customers with more choices.

LAND CRUISER 200 Rand Road, Chak Cool used the world’s first Crawl Control (low-speed cruise Driver Assistance Systems) technology. Easy to operate switch, the vehicle will automatically maintain the three-stage low-speed (5km / h below). In the system with the help of drivers do not control the throttle and brakes, just need to concentrate on operating the steering wheel to guarantee the normal running of vehicles. Low-speed cruise drive auxiliary systems greatly improve vehicle safety and stability, especially in the snow section of the road rock, sand and other special sections. When the vehicle to climb steep slopes, the new board of the HAC (hill assist control system), has begun to play a role. HAC can switch from the brake pedal to the accelerator pedal to the instantaneous monitoring of vehicles back, the system automatically generates the corresponding driving force, so that smooth mountain road vehicles in the start-up and prevent skidding. It is worth mentioning that there are advanced KDSS (dynamic adjustment suspension system). The system uses hydraulic system before and after the Stabilizer control, both to ensure that the road vehicle in the conventional high stability, but also guarantees the high cross-country road through sexual.

LAND CRUISER 200 Rand Road, Chak cool in the interior design is also a lot of thought. The layout of a classic car, but more prominent fashion sense. Interior deep hue, the functions of the center console is more reasonable, and has 8-inch navigation screen larger than the original location and improve a lot more user-friendly driving observed. District air-conditioning temperature control button on the outlet in the following logical, easy to use also. While the wheelbase of 2.85 meters and a lot of comfort for the occupants configured to provide a spacious and comfortable long-distance space travel. This not only makes LAND CRUISER 200 Rand Road cool or a mix of urban road stability and excellent off-road ability, but also achieve a higher sense of luxury and quality.

A lot of new technology deployment, ultra-luxury standards, the experts and the general spoke highly of the customer makes LAND CRUISER 200 Rand Road, Chak cool domestic SUV market buoyed “the king of four-wheel-drive.” The LAND CRUISER 200 Rand Road, Chak Cool “create a new realm of freedom” concept, but also and contemporary elite happens to coincide with their values. The new face of the future, LAND CRUISER 200 Rand Road, Chak Cool will accompany them to the co-development of life on the road to greater success, Tamiya more freedom of life … …

Prospects for prediction of new energy automobiles

Monday, February 16th, 2009

Buy a Prius, the cost would likely be with the Mazda car almost 6? Yes, recently, the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Science and Technology issued a “energy-saving and new energy car model to promote financial assistance fund management Interim Measures”, under which “measures”, the central government to pilot cities related to the field of public service units of the model to promote purchase and use of energy-saving with the new car to give a one-time fixed energy subsidies. One saving rate in more than 40% of the hybrid vehicle, the subsidy standards of 5 yuan / vehicle; pure electric vehicles subsidy standard for 6 yuan / vehicle; fuel cell vehicles of the subsidy standards as high as 250,000 / vehicles. If you buy a Prius or three years down the cost of the car may be almost Mazda 6.

GF Securities, in its analysis of the report pointed out that from the world of new energy vehicle development process, the country can not afford to support the policy without a key role. For example, the United States under the Ministry of Finance in 2003 from the IRS started to give purchase to owners of new energy sources (not including the transfer of the second time) a certain degree of tax refund amount, the more fuel-efficient models, the greater the amount of tax rebate, which is pulling Prius hybrid, etc. powered car sales have played a tremendous role.

August 31, 2008, Ministry of Science and Technology Wan Gang, Minister of the “2012 vehicle production in the year have 10 percent, that is, at least one million new energy sources are energy-saving car.” If vehicle production in 2012 reached 12,000,000, according to the proportion of 10%, energy-saving and new energy vehicle production to 1.2 million, LPG and CNG produce 200,000, 200,000 diesel cars, the new energy automotive output to achieve more than 800,000. The current level of less than 1000, the market had huge growth potential.

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Obama Cadillac race car to Granville for the prototype?

Monday, February 2nd, 2009

U.S. time the morning of January 20, Obama on Capitol Hill in the hands of the Bible, completed by the 44th U.S. president’s oath of office. Since Obama became the first true 6-generation Cadillac “America One,” the masters. At a luncheon after the inauguration, Obama and the First Lady by this brand-new Cadillac limousine in the United States President cheering

people completed the Tour of Pennsylvania Avenue.

Through the lens, it is not difficult to find a new president also has an endorsement with the domestic sales of Cadillac luxury car business has many similarities Granville tournament. Indeed, because Granville is the new game “The United States One,” one of the prototype vehicle. Now, we may wish to 11 on the details of analysis, look at the links between the two.

Coat of elements: the sacred and mighty blessing

Appearance on Granville similar event with the SLS, “The United States One” into the whole body is also a large number of the coat of elements, such as the hood, for example, before the grille. As we all know, the significance of coat, from the ancient defense shield, and now has evolved to the authority of the supreme and ultimate symbol of security, the significance is also the president of a car where the boldness of vision.

Granville in the tournament, the coat of elements has also brought the blessing of the owners of better vision. This time, Obama has also been the same tournament Granville owner’s blessing.

Diamond headlamps: the spread of long-lasting classic and wealth

Obama’s new car has a distinctive angular headlamps, design inspiration from the diamond-cutting surface texture block, the internal crystal clear reflection group, also highlights this Cadillac “eyes” to convey the temperament and style, for the vehicle entrusted to the “long-lasting far never been” symbolic significance.

This represents the supremacy of the spirit of democracy, President of the United States is concerned, more details can not be ignored. This design elements with the same SLS Cup Granville, in fact, this is the latest Cadillac family design elements, Obama‘s new car to come from is not surprising.

Generous Body: stable in the boldness of vision and strength

SLS tournament Granville generous carving a muscle car onto a sense of distinctive block surface and lines, full of strength flu fender will hold a very wide-body, like the entire car like ready to start on the floor, small windows high waistline design not appear robust.

Strict performance of this design was used in a new generation of “The United States One”, the solid feel awkward not significant, but also without words can make people feel the moment of its immense reserves of strength and boldness of vision, and this design style has become today’s luxury car business competing to emulate the design of the language.

Vertical taillights: the era of family endowment deductive

Granville match with the SLS, as a new generation of “America One,” the tail has also been adopted long vertical LED taillights, and a combination of pneumatic high tail brake lights, and license frame shift and white lights down completely from the new style SLS tournament in Granville, so that the president has made changes to the tail of his car even more vivid.

Just like a night light when the neon door, tall and difficult to overcome the design and tolerance can not be copied, people perceived dignity and unshakable. This design is also Cadillac since the 60′s has been inherited the unique style, has not only become a symbol of Cadillac, has also become a luxury car in a school of its own style.

A high degree of safety: protective impregnable

The “impregnable” to describe race Granville SLS should not be overstated. Active and passive security settings of a comprehensive and thoughtful, it is this quality of the basic guarantee for security. SLS tournament Granville entire vehicle using current automotive sector the strongest solid body structure to create high-strength stainless steel by using the structure of the STS have been awarded the certification by the U.S. NHTSA five-star safety rating; in the internal body, standard intelligent 6 airbags, seat belts with pre-style, so that the crew in an emergency at all times more layer of security protection; car interior material, is used to absorb the impact force of polymers will be high-tech on the human body that can be played protection function to an astonishing degree.

These designs, most of them are loaded in the United States on the 1st of the car body. Of course, the United States on the 1st will also be present on the protection of all the latest automotive technology into one, powerful security features comparable to tanks, and was known as the mobile fortress, but also the world’s safest cars and world-renowned. Generally speaking, SLS Cup Granville is Cadillac’s high-level luxury car business, neither the quality or concept is “The United States on the 1st,” the source of the design.